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SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection EVO Bottom Tankring to mount QUICK-LOCK Tankbags (Kawasaki GTR1400 Concours, '-09)

SKU: TRT.00.640.140.GTR

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This tankring has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered. This QUICK-LOCK tank ring connects any SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection QUICK-LOCK Tankbag to your motorcycle.

-Quick disconnect
-Made of fiberglass reinforced nylon
-Does not restrict fuel access

What's in the box?
- Replacement tankring screws
- Non-Electric tankring
- Spacers and screws

What else do I need to buy?
- SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection QUICK-LOCK Tankbag

Fits Kawasaki:
Concours GTR1400, -'09

If you have the 2010 or later Concours GTR1400, use the TRT.00.640.14000.B tankring kit.

Installation of this kit requires use of a Dremel rotary grinder
This is a non-standard tank ring application and requires slight modification of the TRT.00.640.140.GTR with a Dremel rotary grinder. For this reason, we recommend that this installation only be done by a dealer or someone experienced with using high-speed grinders to shape plastic. We recommend using a 0.5" diameter cylindrical stone grinding bit for this project.

Do not grind this plastic part while it is attached to your bike
If you do so, you run a high risk of accidentally slipping and grinding your fuel tank's paint. Not good. Take the plastic part OFF the bike while grinding.

Steps to grind down the TRT.00.640.140.GTR:
(1) The gas cap cannot pass upwards through the original ring because two small "points" are interfering. These points are circled in red. Grind off the two inner "points". Once finished, the ring should have a continuous smooth curve through this area.

(2) Grind off excess material on inside top edge of the tank ring to allow gas cap to pass through the ring. Grind the most material off the top corner, and the least from the bottom, creating a diagonal grind as shown.

(3) Install fit adjustment spacers between the tankbag and the top ring at the FRONT mounting points of the top ring.

Once you’ve installed the Tankring, attaching your tankbag is easy!

QUICK-LOCK Tankbag attachment instructions:
Step 1: Position tankbag directly over tankring. Step 2: Press down on tankbag, locking it into position.

Detach the tankbag with one hand in one second!

QUICK-LOCK Tankbag detachment instructions:
Step 1: Pull cord to release locking mechanism. Step 2: Lift bag up.

Note: If you already own an SW-MOTECH tankring or tankbag please ensure it is an EVO style ring prior to making this purchase. The EVO and original style rings are incompatible and cannot be combined. A description of the differences between both tankrings can be found in the attached file (see installation instructions tab). If you have an original style tankring or topring and would like to purchase a compatible ring please call us at (855) 255 5550.

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