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Barkbusters BBZ Universal-Fit Cold Weather Protection Handguards


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Extend your riding season with BBZ handguards from Barkbusters. These semi-rigid handguards block wind, rain and snow and keep your hands warm and controls dry.

Built for blizzard conditions.

The new BBZ handguards from Barkbusters are designed for faired sportbikes, sport tourers and large touring motorcycles. They're also suitable for most street and dual-purpose bikes, adventure tourers, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and ATVs.

The BBZ set is made from a semi rigid material and covered on the outside with tough waterproof polyester. The inside is lined with black nylon material and there is an internal aluminum stiffener so the handguards hold their shape and position on bikes that don't already have rigid handguards.

BBZs are easy to install and come with multiple mounting options.

  • Self supporting under wind pressure
  • Anti-flap design
  • Leaves controls free of interference
  • Flexes around fairing/windscreen at full steering lock
  • Trusted Barkbusters quality
  • Maximum protection with style

Multiple mounting options include fitting:

  • To handlebar weight
  • To hollow handlebar
  • Over existing aluminum handguard backbones

(All parts Included)

Check out the Twisted Throttle Twists & Turns review on the Barkbusters BBZ Handguards.

Customer Reviews
Review by wz1
I have always found that regular guards did not help much in cold weather even if they did keep some of the direct wind blast off your hands. I have heated grips but the backs of the hands get cold. With these and the grips I am warm down to much lower temperatures. The flexible nature of them helps as they hit my mirrors at full lock. They are very easy to install and will stay on every winter. Note that the company says that you must remove bar weights but I just put them on at the ends of the weights and they work fine. One area for improvement is that the bottom clearance is not as much as at the top so my thumb is very close to the guard. The bottom flutters at speed so it can be felt against the thumb, and by mounting them at the ends of the weights I have made this clearance slightly less. (Posted on 1/19/16)
Review by shannon
purchased these about a month ago. upstate riding is cool and they work great! easy to install and the handguards give a little when i turn hard and they hit the large windshield on my yamaha tmax 500. extends my riding season. thanks alot. they cover your hands and protect well (Posted on 12/10/15)
Review by Paul V
I bought the Blizzard handguards a few weeks ago. They were very easy to install but it's been warm here so I couldn't really test them out. Yesterday I went out and it was in the low 40s. I had to actually turn down my heated grips because my hands were sweating. I don't have heated gear but hands were the only part of my body that used to get cold. I love the Blizzards and think they look good on my BMW K1200S (Posted on 11/26/15)
Review by Twangsong
Fit nicely over the Cyrca hand guards on my Vstrom. Removed the plastic and mounted the Blizards on the last hole with a large washer. Other end ties around the bars anywhere. Good protection from cold. (Posted on 1/14/15)
Review by dfried
Between the gloves, heated grips, and Barkbusters my fingers rarely get cold. If it's above freezing I can even turn the heated grips to low and stay warm. Installation was a breeze on my BMW F800GT. I just replaced the bolts in the endbar weights with the longer ones provided and strapped them on. (Posted on 12/23/14)
Review by GSRider
These were a perfect fit on the BMW F700 GS. Hardware included to fit many different bikes. These look very neat and hold their shape. Controls are all still very easy to see/use. The Oxford muffs also available at Twisted Throttle are cheaper and larger and cover more of your wrist and forearm but do not hold their shape, flop around in the wind and you cannot see your control switches at all. Both work well with a slight edge to the Oxfords but these Blizzards are just a better fit, more user
friendly and look great. (Posted on 12/18/14)
Review by Sal
Worth the price and the purchase. Easy to install. They do not provide warmth like a glove, but rather block the cold wind. For me, a temperatrue change of at least 10-15 degrees. Also keeps hands much drier in the rain. (Posted on 12/15/14)
Review by Scooterjunkie
I bought this for fall riding in Vancouver, where it rains a lot during the fall. They were fairly easy to install on my Honda PCX150 scooter. The only trick is to cut a nice hole for the mirror stem to go through, but I accomplished that with a 1/4" hole punch & the carefully bonding the cut threads with my barbecue lighter. Worked out very well & looks great. (Posted on 12/4/14)
Review by Scooter
These things........WORK. That's all you're gonna get. (Posted on 12/3/14)
Review by Anonymous
Easily mounted and highly effective. Fingertips no longer chilled as the wind flows well above the glove line. (Posted on 7/7/14)
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