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The ORIGINAL Motorcycle Handguard!

These are the toughest handguards anywhere – they don’t call ‘em Barkbusters for nothing!

The Barkbusters brand of handguards was first manufactured in 1984. The people at Barkbusters have over 28 years of motorcycle industry experience and enthusiasm, so they know what it takes to develop the finest handguards. Barkbusters integrates a hardened aluminum backbone with a stylish, replaceable plastic guard to create a truly functional handguard. No more busted levers or knuckles! In the unlikely event that you break a part of the handguard, every piece is replaceable.

Check out what handguards are available for your bike

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  1. Barkbusters External Handlebar-End Weights

    Barkbusters External Handlebar-End Weights

    Add 180 grams of mass to the end of each of your handlebars to reduce vibration. Barkbuster Bar End Weights are compatible with full-wrap Storm and VPS hand guards. They will not mount to the motorcycle by themselves, they work in conjunction with Barkbuster full wrap hand guards. Learn More

  2. Barkbusters JET Handguards for 7/8” handlebars

    Barkbusters JET Handguards for 7/8” handlebars

    The new JET handguard offers full protection at a great price. JET handguards are compatible with all bike styles from enduro to adventure to street. Learn More

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2 Item(s)