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Denali Motorcycle Electronics

... When bright isn’t bright enough!

Our Denali LED lights are specifically engineered to provide maximum brightness with minimum power draw from your motorcycle. The Denali LED driving light lineup has the right light option for your bike and your riding style, at the right price!


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  1. DENALI DR1 Single Intensity LED Auxiliary Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness & M8 Mount | Chrome

    Denali DR1 Single Intensity LED Auxiliary Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness & M8 Mount | Chrome

    The large 10° optic in the DENALI DR1 maximizes the distance you can see down the road by concentrating a spot beam pattern at the center of the road. The DR1 is Ideal fornight riding in on/off road conditions where maximum beam distance is desired. Consuming only 10 watts of power per lamp. The DENALI DR1 Lights throw a blazing beam of light 695 feet down the road. That's over 4 times further than your typical motorcycle high beam.

    All Denali LED lights are housed in a rugged waterproof aluminum housing (submersible up to 3 meters underwater). Our LEDs have an average life span of 50,000 hours, that's 6 years without ever being shut off. Yes we went overboard, it's what we do.

    Want more from your DENALI DR1 Lights? Grab a set of Snap-On Beam Filters to change from spot to a wide flood or elliptical driving beam.

    Making our light kits easy to mount and install on your motorcycle is a top priority for us. Every light kit includes a purpose built motorcycle wiring harness, universal M8 mounting bracket and detailed wiring diagrams that are simple and easy to understand. Bike specific light mounts are also available for many popular bike models.

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