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Gerbing Microwire® technology is thinner, lighter, stronger and more durable than copper wiring. And it heats up in just 10% of the time! Gerbing Microwire® technology was developed in response to a Department of Defense contract for heated clothing to be used by Special Ops Forces. The wire consists of hundreds of microscopic stainless steel strands wrapped in a thin Teflon coating. These wires are flexible, yet exceptionally durable. This results in a rugged garment that heats instantly.

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    Gerbing electrically-heated Microwire® socks

    Gerbing electrically-heated Microwire® socks

    Made from a perspiration-wicking 4-way stretch material, these socks are the ultimate in cold weather comfort for your feet. First, they're extra tall, so they ride up over your calf. No matter how tall or short your boots are, these socks work. Second, the socks are cut specifically for left and right feet, so they fit you even more snugly to deliver extra heat, particularly to your toes. Finally, that heat comes from Gerbing's patented Microwire heating system, with wires so thin you won't feel them. And with heat delivered both above and below your feet, you'll be riding wrapped in soothing comfort. Learn More
    $89.95 $59.99

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    Coreheat12 Splitter (single male coax to dual female coax)

    Coreheat12 Splitter (single male coax to dual female coax)

    This splitter allows you to use a single controller (GHC.TGO) or on/off switch (GHC.CXOO) and split the output so that you can run both a set of gloves AND a jacket liner simultaneously without purchasing a dual controller (GHC.TGOD). Learn More
    $11.99 $6.99

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    Gerbings accessory male BMW/Euro-style plug, flush-mount female socket, and battery wire harness kit

    Gerbings accessory BMW/Euro-style flush-mount plug & socket kit with battery harness

    This kit includes one BMW/Euro-style flush-mount socket for installation on your bike, a Gerbing battery hookup harness (part GHC.ACBH), and Gerbing BMW/Euro-style flush-mount plug (part GBG.ACPL) to connect your clothing to the socket. Learn More
    $49.99 $32.99

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    Gerbings temperature switch (lighted on-off switch)
    $14.95 $8.99

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    Gerbings Permanent Temperature Controller (Single)

    Gerbings Permanent Temperature Controller (Single)

    Dial in your level of comfort with the Gerbing's permanent temperature controller (Single). Learn More
    $89.95 $54.99

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    Battery harness, Gerbings accessory male BMW/Euro-style plug & flush-mount female socket shown connected

    Gerbings accessory BMW/Euro-style flush-mount socket kit (without plug or battery harness)

    This kit includes one BMW/Euro-style flush-mount socket for installation on your bike. Learn More
    $29.99 $16.99

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