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Gerbing Microwire® technology is thinner, lighter, stronger and more durable than copper wiring. And it heats up in just 10% of the time! Gerbing Microwire® technology was developed in response to a Department of Defense contract for heated clothing to be used by Special Ops Forces. The wire consists of hundreds of microscopic stainless steel strands wrapped in a thin Teflon coating. These wires are flexible, yet exceptionally durable. This results in a rugged garment that heats instantly.

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  1. Gerbing Electrically-Heated Microwire® T5 Hybrid Motorcycle Gloves

    Gerbing Electrically-Heated Microwire® T5 Hybrid Motorcycle Gloves

    NEW! The Hybrid T5 gloves are designed for the type of rider who demands performance in a wide variety of riding conditions. Whether it is long distance riding where comfort and warmth are essential or intercity high traffic commuting where safety is a must, the T5 hybrid gloves from Gerbing’s deliver exceptional performance. The hybrid system allows you to choose either power form your bike's 12V electrical system or from the optional 12V lithium-ion battery pack with a built-in temperature controller. Learn More

  2. Gerbing's Flex Battery with Wireless Remote

    Gerbing's Flex Battery with Wireless Remote

    To power the Gerbing's Hybrid LT Jackets, Gerbing's has developed a new, thin, "FlexPack" battery, designed to slip into the back armor pocket of the LT Jackets. The 128FP FlexPack Battery is flexible and can shape itself to the gentle curve of your back. Its individual cells are wrapped in an abrasion-resistant Kevlar layer, and the long battery lead works with the LT Jacket to make connecting easy. Learn More

  3. Gerbings Permanent Tempature Controller (Dual)

    Gerbings Permanent Tempature Controller (Dual)

    Dial in your level of comfort with the Gerbing's permanent temptature controller (Dual). Two separate heat controllers in the same unit provide two separate heat controls for two different articles of heated clothing. Learn More

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3 Item(s)