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... Luggage, protection, windscreens & more!

Twisted Throttle carries a large variety of GIVI products to outfit your motorcycle. Some of the practical, high quality and good looking parts we offer include crash protection, windscreens, luggage solutions and much more! These parts and accessories are designed specifically for your motorcycle or scooter resulting in products that have an integrated look and are easy to install. Shop the wide selection and ride away with the best accessories and protection made to enhance your adventure.



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  1. Givi MT503 Metro-T Roll Top Bag | 4 Liters

    Givi MT503 Metro-T Roll Top Bag | 4 Liters

    Givi MT503 Metro-T Roll Top Bag | 4 Liters

    This lightweight roll top bag can carry 4 liters of your gear and keep it dry. There is an added separately sealed compartment for small tools and/or emergency accessories. Within this pocket is a mesh pouch and elastic straps that keep all those little things organized.

    The bag can be easily mounted on your front forks, tail section, or behind you. This Givi Roll Top Bag is also compatible with the Givi MT502 to create a modular system for even more storage ability.

    Givi manufactures this bag using Guzy600D - PVC and PU. This combination of materials makes the MT503 Roll Top Bag UV and water resistant.

    Dimensions: Height 4.72” x Depth 16.5” x Width 6.7”

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    $69.00 $62.10

  2. Givi MT502 Metro-T Saddlebag | 30 Liters

    Givi MT502 Metro-T Multifunction Rear Bag Backpack | 30 Liters

    Givi MT502 Metro-T Multifunction Rear Bag Backpack | 30 Liters

    Combine versatility and style with the GIVI MT502 Metro-T Multifunction 30 Liter Rear Bag Backpack. Designed to securely mount on the rear of most motorcycles with your choice of included straps, this luggage also sports top and side carry handles as well as tuck-away shoulder straps for a multitude of carrying options. The resilient thermoformed EVA material used to construct this bag is covered with weather and UV resistant Guzy600D and PU providing a semi rigid and durable case that will last and look great for years. Finished in black with brushed aluminum decorative fasteners and GIVI logo, this carry all will look as good with you as it does on your motorcycle. One convenient side zipper pocket provides access to the inside of the case while the other to a small item divided compartment that is ideal for your phone, wallet, passport and other small items. The expandable main compartment zips open like a suitcase providing ample storage for your professional or recreational essentials and smartly includes zippered dividers and securing straps to keep your items where they belong. Whether you are commuting or carousing, the MT502 Metro-T Multifunction motorcycle rear bag and backpack by GIVI provides superb storage and style solutions that fit your lifestyle.

    Dimensions: Height 9.05” x Depth 11.8” x Width 17.3”

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    $238.00 $214.20

  3. Givi GRT705 Gravel-T Waterproof Strap Down Tankbag | 20 Liter

    Givi GRT705 Gravel-T Waterproof Strap Down Tank Bag | 20 Liter

    Givi GRT705 Gravel-T Waterproof Tank bag | 20 Liter

    You may not mind getting wet on your motorcycle trip, but your cell phone, map, wallet, or camera will have a different story. The GRT705 Gravel-T tank bag, securely straps to your motorbike using a using a tank fitting system. Each system is motorcycle specific and sold separately. This tank bag stores your gizmos, gadgets, and other items in a combination of high frequency seamed 420D Nylon TPU and 840D Nylon double TPU manufactured waterproof environment. For extra protection the Givi GRT705 has a zipper closure with a water resistant flap. Inside the tank bag is 20 liters of reinforced storage volume. So if you happen to bump the bag, the stuff inside won’t get punched.

    When arriving at your destination, you can easily take this bag with you. Simply carry it using the comfortable handle, or sling it over your shoulder with the adjustable padded shoulder strap.

    The top transparent pocket keeps your electronic device or map in an easily read location, while the reflective inserts on the side keep you more visible on the road. There are additional side pockets in the Givi GRT705, but they are not waterproof. They are still a great extra place for items that don’t mind water.

    If you want to add power to this tank bag, it's easily done. There is an access port in the rear of the bag that allows the addition of POWER HUB accessories. Grab a Power Hub Kit  and a 12V Handlebar Outlet to conveniently charge your electronic devices on the go.

    Whether you are heading to work, or cruising the highways and trails the Givi GRT705 Gravel-T will keep your gear safe and dry.

    Dimensions: Height 8.3” x Depth 9.84” x Width 13.8”

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    $195.00 $175.50

  4. Givi GRT703 Gravel-T Waterproof Cargo Bag | 40 Liter

    Givi GRT703 Gravel-T Waterproof Cargo Bag | 40 Liter

    Givi GRT703 Gravel-T Waterproof Cargo Bag | 40 Liter

    If you are heading out for a motorcycle adventure, you’re going to need a luggage solution that will keep your gear safe and dry. This Givi waterproof cargo bag will carry 40 liters of your stuff, and protect it from those rain showers or that occasional river crossing.

    Secure this 420D Nylon TPU and 840D Nylon double TPU constructed bag to your motorbike using the pair of included elastic hooked straps to your rear luggage rack. The Givi GRT703 is modular, so feel free to add the Givi GRT702 for even more carrying capacity. To make sure this bag is waterproof, Givi high frequency seals the seams, and adds a roll top closure to the top of it.

    You can easily take this cargo bag with you thanks to the convenient shoulder strap, or carrying handle. Both of these features are padded for extra comfort. So that even when loaded up, the bag is comfortable to carry. The Givi Gravel-T Cargo bag has reflective inserts on the sides of the bag, for extra visibility.

    An additional feature that is built into the cargo bag is the air release valve, which makes storing the bag when not is use much easier.

    Dimensions: Height x 11.81" Depth 10.63" x Width 19.7"

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    $149.00 $134.10

  5. Givi GRT702 Gravel-T Waterproof Cargo Bag | 20 Liter

    Givi GRT702 Gravel-T Waterproof Cargo Bag | 20 Liter

    Givi GRT702 Gravel-T Waterproof Cargo Bag | 20 Liter

    This Cargo bag is perfect for a sleeping roll, or an extra set of clothing. The Givi Gravel-T 20 liter cargo bag keeps your gear dry with its combination of 420D Nylon TPU and 840D Nylon double TPU materials, with high frequency sealed seams and front roll top design.

    Combine the GRT702 with the GRT703 for even more carrying capability. This cargo bag can also be attached to a flat side or topcase. The Givi 20 liter Gravel-T bag comes with two elastic straps with plastic hooks for secure mounting.

    When leaving your motorcycle, easily take this bag with you using one of the two carry handles. The added reflective inserts on the side of this cargo bag help aid in visibility while your touring the roads.

    Dimensions:Height 7.9" x Depth 7.9" x Width 17.72"

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    $99.00 $89.10

  6. Givi EA112 Tablet Holder Tankbag | Magnetic

    Givi EA112 Tablet Holder Tank Bag | Magnetic

    The GiviEA112 tablet holder magnetic tank bag is a convenient way to access information from your personal device on your motorcycle while on the go. Four powerful magnets are secured internally to provide a positive connection to any metallic tank. Straps are also included for fitment on non-metallic tanks. This versatile tank bag is manufactured from durable 600D polyester PVC with reflective trim and an anti slip bottom. Accommodate up to 10" tablets with a large viewing window for maximum visibility. Enhance the cockpit of your motorcycle with this convenient tank bag from Givi! Learn More
    $72.00 $64.80

  7. Givi EA103B Easybag Expandable Modular Tank Bag With Magnets | 25 Liters + 15 Liters

    Givi EA103B Easybag Expandable Modular Tank Bag With Magnets | 25L & 15L, 40L Total

    The Givi EA103B is an expandable modular tank bag that combines two separate bags to make this diverse system.  A 15 liter bag that can double as a shoulder bag, or be used as a small stand alone tank bag, while a 25 liter expandable tank bag converts into a handy rucksack.  

    The transparent map holder is placed in an easy to see location, and a rain cover is included for extra protection.  Sturdy 600D PU polyester is used in the construction of this versatile tank bag for its water resistant properties.  Plastic is used to help reinforce parts of this luggage system to provide even more protection for your goodies.  The anti-skid material on the base along with the magnets, or a tank fitting system (if you have a plastic tank) generates a secure hold.  

    Glove friendly zippers and reflective inserts are added for ease of use, and to enhance safety.

    Dimensions: H 12.2”-15.74” x D 14.6”x W 11.42”

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    $169.00 $152.10

  8. Givi EA102B Easybag Expandable Magnetic Tankbag | 25 Liters

    Givi EA102B Easybag Expandable Magnetic Tank Bag | 25 Liters

    The Givi EA102B expandable magnetic tank bag will carry 25 liters of rider essentials.  Keep items like a map, cell phone, wallet or sunglasses within easy reach of your finger tips.   If you need a little extra space, the EA102B expands upwards for an additional 4in of storage.  Attach this tank bag to your bike with the four super strong magnets located in lower pouches on the bag, or with the included mounting straps.  You can also use the TFS (tank fitting system) to mount this carryall to your motorcycle.  Easily take the Givi EA102B with you by attaching the included shoulder strap and use it as a rucksack.

    Givi uses a 600D polyester TPE material to manufacture this durable and water resistant bag.  An anti-slip textile is added to the base of the tank bag so it won’t slide all over your tank.  The transparent map cover keeps your map in an easy to read location, while plastic reinforced corners add additional protection for the goodies inside.  If the sky opens up just throw on the rain cover, it’s stored in a handy little front pocket.  This cover comes with a clear window so your map remains visible.  

    Dimensions: L 14.5” x W 11” x H 6.7”- 10.6”

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    $108.00 $97.20

  9. Givi EA106B Easybag Magnetic Tankbag | 6 Liter

    Givi EA106B Easybag Magnetic Tank Bag | 6 Liter

    The Givi EA106B magnetic tank bag is designed to secure to motorcycles with metal tanks by using two magnets that are found in lower pouches on the bag. If you have a plastic tank you can use the four included straps or the locks to attach it to a TFS (tank fitting system).

    The Givi magnetic tank bag features a spacious 6 liter carrying capacity, and sports a pouch with a clear cover to keep up to a 7in mobile phone or tablet at hand and visible. Reflective accents on the bag adds extra visibility at night, while the included rain cover keeps rider necessities, and valuable gizmos dry.

    Givi uses durable 600D polyester that is TPE coated for water and UV resistance. This tank bag has many compartments to keep all your goodies organized and easily reached. There is even a clasp in the front pocket to secure keys. A shoulder strap, and carry handle allow you to take the bag with you when you leave your motorcycle, making this small but mighty bag a super handy travel companion that keeps your stuff safe.

    Dimensions: Length 12.2” x Width 6.3” x Height 5.1”

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    $65.00 $58.50

  10. Givi EA107B Easybag Tailpack | 35 Liter

    Givi EA107B Easybag Tailpack | 35 Liter

    The Givi EA107B easybag tailpack can easily go from behind you on your motorbike to your shoulder with the included strap.  Tote 35 liters of your stuff in this durable duffel type bag.  This bag securely fastens to a rear rack, or on the seat with D-rings and the included straps.  Top access flap has an additional pocket for small items or documents, while the side entry points allow for easy stuffing.  The main compartment of the tailpack is manufactured out of 600D polyester that is coated in TPE for water and UV ray resistant properties.  For extra strength the side-walls are made using thermoformed EVA with a Lycra coating to give stability and rigidity to the bag.  If the sky decides to open up just throw on the rain cover to make sure your goods are kept nice and dry.  An additional feature of this tailpack is the multipurpose cross-shaped elastic straps that are perfect for carrying an extra lightweight jacket or reflective vest.

    Dimensions: Length 11.8” x Width 18.5” x Height 11.8”

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    $110.00 $99.00

  11. Givi EA107B Easybag Tailpack Urban | 35 Liter

    Givi EA107B Easybag Tailpack Urban | 35 Liter

    The stylish looking Givi EA107B easybag tailpack urban will hold 35 liters of clothing, and other essentials.  Strap this duffel style behind you on the seat, or on a rear rack.  When you’re done riding for the day or making a pit stop, just sling the bag over your shoulder for convenient carrying.
    It is made using gray colored 600D polyester and has thermoformed EVA side-walls coated in Lycra make this a durable, semi-rigid bag.  Use the included straps to securely attach the tailpack to your motorbike.  The central safety strap on the bag ensures it stays where you put it.  An additional feature on the bag is the multipurpose cross-shaped elastic straps which are perfect to hold a high visibility vest, or lightweight jacket.

    Dimensions: Length 11.8” x Width 18.5” x Height 11.8”

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    $115.00 $103.50

  12. GIVI UT807 Expandable Cargo Bag | 25 Liter

    GIVI UT807 Expandable Cargo Bag | 25 Liter

    The GIVI UT807 expandable cargo bag with 25 liters of storage is a convenient and versatile way to pack your gear for the road. Rugged polymer and polyester construction is combined with rip-stop nylon to keep contents safe and secure in even the most demanding conditions. This clever cargo bag features a universal mounting system that incorporates a built in set of straps that allows fitment to luggage racks, top cases, side cases and even soft luggage. A zippered expansion panel unveils increased storage capacity when needed, and tucks back in and zips up for a compact overall size when not. The UT807 ensures your gear is safe from the elements with an inner lining, waterproof stitching and waterproof zippers to ensure water resistance. When it's time to park your rig, ergonomic conveniences like an EVA foam padded adjustable shoulder strap and a rubber grab handle make transporting it off the bike a pleasure. Be prepared for your next adventure and add a GIVI UT807 to your arsenal!

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    $155.00 $139.50

  13. GIVI UT801 Waterproof Dry-Roll Bag | 30 Liter

    GIVI UT801 Waterproof Dry-Roll Bag | 30 Liter

    The GIVI UT801 waterproof dry-roll bag - 30 liter has an elastic strap system to make attachment to your motorcycle a cinch while keeping your stuff dry in any weather. Heavy duty tarpaulin PVC construction is durable and water tight. This handy roll bag features reflective trim to enhance low light visibility and ergonomic handles to make transport comfortable. An IP 66 rating ensures dust and water will not be able to reach your gear, perfect for muddy and wet conditions experienced by the hardcore adventure & sport touring crowd. Pick up the GIVI UT801 dry-roll bag and enjoy peace of mind knowing that no matter what the weather or trail conditions, your goods will be dry! Learn More
    $85.00 $76.50

  14. GIVI UT802 Waterproof Backpack | 35 Liter

    GIVI UT802 Waterproof Backpack | 35L

    The GIVI UT802 waterproof backpack -35 liter is a roll top style dry bag with comfortable ergonomic straps and all weather performance. Durable duty tarpaulin construction ensures your cargo is safe from moisture and dust penetration in heavy rain, off road conditions and even while temporarily submerged! This versatile backpack is highly recommended for adventure touring folks that ride in any weather and any conditions. An internal zippered pocket keeps your wallet, IDs, valuables and important paperwork easily accessible even while packed to capacity. Don't let your gear get wet while out on the road; use a UT802 waterproof backpack from the luggage experts at GIVI! Learn More
    $149.00 $134.10

  15. GIVI UT803 Waterproof Cargo Bag | 40 Liter

    GIVI UT803 Waterproof Cargo Bag | 40 Liter

    The GIVI UT803 waterproof cargo bag is a spacious dry bag designed for use on or off of a motorcycle. Heavyweight tarpaulin PVC construction is rated IP 66 to prevent intrusion of moisture or dust, even if temporarily submerged! This useful cargo bag features a simple but effective roll top opening for easy loading without zippers or buttons which can leak after significant use. An EVA foam padded adjustable shoulder strap makes transporting goods convenient and comfortable when off the bike. Put up to 40 liters of your travel gear in the UT803 waterproof cargo bag from GIVI so everything stays clean and dry on your next adventure! Learn More
    $125.00 $112.50

  16. GIVI UT8904 Waterproof Cargo Bag | 80 Liter
    $149.00 $134.10

  17. GIVI UT806 Top Bag | 65 Liter

    GIVI UT806 Top Bag | 65 Liter

    The GIVI UT806 top bag is designed to hug the tail of your motorcycle and provide up to 65 liters of durable weatherproof storage. High quality construction with sturdy polymer/polyester foam and reinforced rip-stop nylon is more than up to the task of carrying all of your gear. This unique top bag features an inner liner with waterproof stitching to make sure everything stays dry. Universal fastening straps allow fitment on the rear seat without a rack, brackets or other modifications necessary. Anatomic handles and an EVA foam padded adjustable shoulder strap makes transport off the bike a comfortable no handed affair. Be prepared for your next adventure with the GIVI UT806 top bag from the luggage experts at GIVI! Learn More
    $349.00 $314.10

  18. Givi XS313 Xstream Expandable Tail Bag with 20 liter capacity

    Givi XS313 Xstream Expandable Tail Bag | 20L

    The Givi XS313 Xstream Expandable Tail Bag is a medium sized, 20 liter tail bag suitable for use with essentially any motorcycle. Expanding from 8.25 inches to 10.25 inches tall, you are able to keep your rear bag profile to a minimum until the expanded capacity is needed. This rear bag has a four point attachment system that allows it to fit any bike with a rear seat or flat luggage rack, and an integrated handle and shoulder strap for those unfortunate times when you're hauling luggage on foot.

    The XS313 tail bag coordinates with other products in Givi's Xstream line. All of these products feature fluorescent rain covers and through their simultaneous use you can increase the visibility of your motorcycle no matter what the weather is. Be the fluorescent blur that you've always wanted to be.

    The low profile Xstream XS313 allows you to carry more without detracting from the lines of your motorcycle.

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    $113.00 $101.70

  19. Givi XS312 Xstream Expandable Tank Bag with 15L capacity

    Givi XS312 Xstream Expandable Tank Bag | 15L

    The Givi XS312 Xstream Expandable Tank Bag is a small, compact 15 liter tank bag suitable for day trips and compatible with essentially every motorcycle. If you've got a motorcycle with a magnetic tank, this tank bag comes with four magnets to secure it to your ride. No magnets? No problem! Remove the magnets and you can attach the tankbag with a four point strap system. 

    The XS312 has a removable iPad / Tablet / Map holder, cable ports, fluorescent rain cover, integrated handle and shoulder straps. Expand the bag an additional 1.25 inches when you need that extra storage. What more could you ask for?

    There are corresponding tail bags and backpacks in the Givi Xstream line to ensure visual unity amongst all your luggage components. This probably isn't something you've thought about before, but this ensures you're looking good in addition to satisfying your stowage needs.

    Fits the following motorcycles:

    • Aprilia RS 125
    • Aprilia SL750 Shiver '07-'16
    • Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord '01-'10
    • Benelli Cafè Racer 899 '10
    • Benelli Cafè Racer 1130 '10
    • Benelli Titanium '10
    • Benelli Tornado Naked Tre 899 '10
    • Benelli Tornado Naked Tre 899S '10
    • Benelli Tornado Naked Tre R160 '10
    • Benelli Tre 899 K / Tre 1130 K '06-'11
    • BMW F650GS twin '08-'12
    • BMW F700GS '13-'16
    • BMW F800GS '08-'12
    • BMW F800GS '13-'16
    • BMW S1000RR '09-'14
    • BMW R1150R & R1150R Rockster '00-'06
    • BMW R1200GS '08
    • BMW R1200GS '09-'11
    • BMW R1200GS '13
    • BMW R1200GS Adventure '09-'12
    • BMW R1200R '11-'12
    • BMW K1200RS '00-'04
    • Cagiva Mito 125 Evolution 3 '95-'01
    • Ducati Monster 696 - 796 - 1100 (08 > 12)
    • Ducati Monster 696 '08-'14
    • Ducati Monster 796 '10-'14
    • Ducati Superbike 848, 1098 & 1198 '07-'13
    • Ducati Monster 1100, 1100S & 1100 EVO '09-'13
    • Ducati Multistrada 1200, 1200S & 1200S GT '10-'14
    • Ducati Monster S2 / S2R / S4 / S4R '05-'08
    • Ducati Monster 1200 & 1200S '14-'16
    • Honda CB599 & CB600 Hornet '06-'10
    • Honda CBF600 '04-'12)
    • Honda CBR600RR '05-'06
    • Honda CBR600RR '07-'08
    • Honda CBR600RR '09
    • Honda CBR600F '11-'14
    • Honda NT700 Deauville '06-'12)
    • Honda Transalp XL700V '08-'12
    • Honda VFR800 VTEC Interceptor '02-'11
    • Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade '08-'12
    • Honda CBF1000 '06-'09
    • Honda VFR1200F '10-'12
    • Honda VFR1200X '12
    • Kawasaki Ninja 300 '13-'17
    • Kawasaki Ninja 650R '06-'08
    • Kawasaki Ninja 650R '09-'11
    • Kawasaki Ninja 650 '12-'16
    • Kawasaki ER-6n '06-'08
    • Kawasaki ER-6n '09-'11
    • Kawasaki ZX6R '09-'12
    • Kawasaki Z750 '07-'12
    • Kawasaki Z800, '13
    • Kawasaki Versys 1000 '12-'14
    • Kawasaki Z1000 '10-'13
    • Kawasaki Ninja 1000 & Z1000SX '11-'13
    • Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja '10-'12
    • KTM Duke 125 '11-'12
    • KTM Super Duke 990 '05-'12
    • MV Agusta Brutale 750 '09-
    • MV Agusta Brutale 910 '09-
    • MV Agusta Brutale 1078 '09-
    • MV Agusta F4 1000 '13-'16
    • Suzuki GSR600 '06-'12
    • Suzuki GSX-R600 '08-'10
    • Suzuki GSX-R600 '11-'17
    • Suzuki GSX650F '08-'15
    • Suzuki GSF650 Bandit '05-'13
    • Suzuki SFV650 Gladius '09-'15
    • Suzuki V-Strom DL650 '04-'11
    • Suzuki V-Strom DL650 '12-'16
    • Suzuki GSX-R750, '08-'10
    • Suzuki GSX-R750 '11-'17
    • Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 '02-'13
    • Suzuki GSX-R1000 '09-'15
    • Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R '08-'17
    • Triumph Daytona 675 '13-'17
    • Triumph Street Triple & Street Triple R '06-'11
    • Triumph Street Triple & Street Triple R '12
    • Triumph Tiger 800 & Tiger 800 XC '10-'14
    • Triumph Speed Triple 1050 '05-'10
    • Triumph Speed Triple '11-'15
    • Triumph Sprint ST 1050 '05-'13
    • Triumph Sprint GT '10-'13
    • Triumph Tiger 1050 '07-'12
    • Triumph Explorer 1200 & Explorer 1200 XC '12-'15
    • Yamaha FZ6 Fazer '04-'06
    • Yamaha FZ6 S2 Fazer '07-'09
    • Yamaha YZF R6 '06-'07
    • Yamaha YZF R6 '08-'16
    • Yamaha XJ6 Diversion '09-'15
    • Yamaha XJ600 Diversion/Seca II
    • Yamaha FZ8 '11-'14
    • Yamaha TDM900 '01-'13
    • Yamaha FZ-09 '14-'16
    • Yamaha XSR900 '16
    • Yamaha FZ1 Fazer '06-'15
    • Yamaha YZF R1 '09-'14
    • Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere '11-'16
    • Yamaha FJR1300 '01-'05
    • Yamaha FJR1300 '06-'12
    • Yamaha FJR1300 '13-'15
    • Yamaha FJR1300 '16
    • Yamaha MT-01 '05-'14
    • Yamaha XV1700 Warrior '05-
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    $165.00 $148.50

  20. GIVI SL105 5 Case Security Lock Set

    GIVI SL105 5 Case Security Lock Set

    If you're looking to re-key your GIVI luggage cases then grab the GIVI SL105 5 Case Security Lock Set. This kit includes enough parts to set up five cases, handy when you're tired of playing a guessing game with keys. Bush and under lock platelets included. Learn More
    $95.00 $85.50


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