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... Luggage, protection, windscreens & more!

Twisted Throttle carries a large variety of GIVI products to outfit your motorcycle. Some of the practical, high quality and good looking parts we offer include crash protection, windscreens, luggage solutions and much more! These parts and accessories are designed specifically for your motorcycle or scooter resulting in products that have an integrated look and are easy to install. Shop the wide selection and ride away with the best accessories and protection made to enhance your adventure.



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  1. Givi EA109 Leg Wallet in black

    Givi EA109 Leg Wallet | 1L

    Increase storage capacity for small items and important documents that are always within reach using the Givi leg wallet. Made of durable 600D polyester PVC and available in grey, black, or black/grey with red trim . Each color features reflectivity for enhanced visibility. Adjustable straps allow this versatile leg wallet to be worn around the waist or thigh for quick access that doesn't get in the way while on or off the motorcycle. Use this smart little bag from Givi to keep your important possessions close without ever leaving them behind! Learn More

  2. Givi GRT704 Gravel-T Waist Bag | 3 Liter

    Givi GRT704 Gravel-T Waist Bag | 3L

    Givi GRT704 Gravel-T 3 Liter Waist Bag

    This is not your normal fanny pack! Givi manufactures this waterproof waist/shoulder bag out of a combination of 420D Nylon TPU and 840D Nylon double TPU. These materials make this bag durable, resilient and waterproof. It is designed to carry 3 liters of your stuff, perfect for cell phones, tablets, and travel documents. To make sure this bag is as waterproof as they can make it, Givi high frequency seals the seams.

    Using the strap and buckle the GRT704 Gravel-T bag can be worn around your waist, or upper body. The small size won’t hinder your riding movements, while the padded belt is comfortable and stays in place.

    With the Givi Gravel-T waist bag you can stash your electronic devices and important documents with confidence.

    Dimensions: Height 8.3” x Depth 3.54” x Width 10.23”

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  3. Givi GRT701 Gravel-T Waterproof Backpack | 25 Liter

    Givi GRT701 Gravel-T Waterproof Backpack | 25L

    Givi GRT701 Gravel-T Waterproof Backpack | 25 Liter

    This roll top type backback keeps your riding essentials dry while you take on those rainy days or stream ridden trails.

    The Handy Givi GRT701 Gravel-T fits comfortably on your shoulders, and transports 25 liters of your stuff. For additional comfort the straps are ventilated to help keep you cool.

    Manufactured using 840D Nylon double TPU that has high frequency sealed seams for a water resistant luggage solution.

    Givi adds reflective inserts on the back of the pack giving you a little extra visibility at night.

    Dimensions: Height 17.32” x Depth 8.7” x Width 9.01”

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  4. Givi EA113 Leg Wallet XL

    Givi EA113 Leg Wallet XL | 2L

    The Givi leg wallet xl allows you to keep your valuable information and personal devices within easy reach while on or off the motorcycle. Adjustable waist strap allows the wearer to carry goods around your waist and an adjustable thigh strap permits a more tactical style mounting that gives quick and easy access. Durable 600D polyester PVC with stiffener inserts makes a great place to secure your small items and features reflective trim to increase safety and visibility. Don't leave home without the convenient leg wallet from Givi!

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  5. Givi EA104B Easy-T Range Rucksack | 22 Liter - Black

    Givi EA104B Easy-T Range Rucksack | 22L Black

    The Givi EA104B Easy-T Range rucksack is an expandable backpack style bag that is your perfect companion on your motorcycle whether navigating to work or heading for a day out. This knapsack has all the amenities that a rider is looking for in a small bag that still packs a bunch of essentials. The EA104B features everything from handy inner pockets, key strap, and even an included helmet bag. If you’re looking for a little more room for an extra shirt or light rain jacket, no problem, this bag expands giving you that additional space. If the clouds decide to open up, Givi has you covered, they also included a handy rain cover so your laptop remains dry.

    Constructed out of 660D PU with polyester pockets, while the shoulder and back areas use a breathable mesh, this bag is not only durable, it is very comfortable. For extra strength and stability the back is reinforced by rigid plastic. Sling the Givi EA104B Easy-T Range rucksack on and ride away with what you need safely secured to your back. Learn More

  6. Givi EA104GR Easy-T Range Rucksack

    GIVI EA104GR Easy-T Range Rucksack | 22L Gray

    The backpack style GIVI EA104GR Easy-T Range rucksack is the perfect solution for the student or worker that commutes via motorcycle. This small but mighty bag features inner pockets, key strap, rain cover and helmet tote. Need to stuff a few more rider essentials inside? Don't worry; the expanding style of this backpack will give you a little more extra room. Constructed out of 660D PU with the shoulder and back areas using a breathable mesh, this pack is not only durable, it is very comfortable. For extra strength and stability the back is reinforced by rigid plastic. Throw the GIVI Easy-T Range Rucksack over your shoulders, snap the chest and waist straps and ride away knowing your items are organized and safely secured to your back.

    You can find the black version of this Easy-T Range Rucksack here.

    L 16.93in x W 5.51in - 9.44in x H 16.54in

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  7. GIVI UT802 Waterproof Backpack | 35 Liter

    GIVI UT802 Waterproof Backpack | 35L

    The GIVI UT802 waterproof backpack -35 liter is a roll top style dry bag with comfortable ergonomic straps and all weather performance. Durable duty tarpaulin construction ensures your cargo is safe from moisture and dust penetration in heavy rain, off road conditions and even while temporarily submerged! This versatile backpack is highly recommended for adventure touring folks that ride in any weather and any conditions. An internal zippered pocket keeps your wallet, IDs, valuables and important paperwork easily accessible even while packed to capacity. Don't let your gear get wet while out on the road; use a UT802 waterproof backpack from the luggage experts at GIVI! Learn More

  8. Givi XS317 Xstream Multi-Function Backpack

    Givi XS317 Xstream Multi-Function Backpack | 30L

    With the Givi XS317 Xstream Multi-Function Backpack with 30 liter capacity, you get a functional, stylish backpack designed for the every day commuter. Constructed with 1200D Guzi Nylon, this bag is rugged, and the included rain cover protects your cargo from the elements.

    The "front" compartment—the one furthest from your body—has mesh pockets and is ideal for carrying clothes, lunch, notes or other assorted objects.

    Depending on what you've placed in it, the front compartment offers additional protection to the "rear" compartment—the one closest to your body. The rear compartment is designed to accommodate a notebook or tablet with a screen size up to 15.6 inches, or anything similarly sized. Maybe a Haynes Manual for a little light reading?

    Your Xstream backpack is full and you still want to carry more? The exterior of this bag has buckles so that you can strap additional items to it - like your helmet. Don't do this while you're riding, though, keep that bad boy right on your head.

    Ride in style and with your gear at hand with the XS317 Multi-Function Backpack from Givi's Xstream range.

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  9. Givi EA108 Waist Bag: Black

    Givi EA108 Waist Bag 3L

    Keep your valuables secure and in reach when traveling with the Givi EA108 waist bag. Durable 600D polyester construction is trimmed with reflectivity for enhanced night time visibility. Zippered main and front pockets ensure quick access while keeping things organized with the internal organizer pocket. Don't ever leave home without the versatile waist bag from Givi! Learn More


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