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Gear designed for the most demanding rider!

Macna jackets, pants, and gloves are made to withstand the demands of serious motorcycle riders. Macna is known for their innovative features, attention to detail, excellent fit, superior comfort, stellar protection, and safety features that stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Macna Dry Cooling Vest

    Macna Dry Cooling Vest

    The summer heat can finally be beat with Macna's new Dry Cooling Vest! Designed to keep you cool AND dry during hot weather or if you live in a hot climate, the process is simple - fill the vest with 500ml of tap water, wear it over a synthetic base layer, and prepare to be like Fonzie - COOL! Learn More

  2. Macna Vision LED light

    Macna Vision LED light

    Be seen with this LED light that attaches to the upper back of your Macna jacket Learn More

  3. Macna Waterproof Spray

    Macna Waterproof Spray

    Waterproof spray in 200ml spray containers. Learn More

  4. Macna Connection Zipper Adapter

    Macna Connection Zipper Adapter

    Connection zipper adapter to connect a Macna Jacket to Macna Pants. Learn More

  5. Macna Techwash Breathable Waterproof Gear Detergent

    Macna Techwash Breathable Waterproof Gear Detergent

    Detergent designed specifically for breathable waterproof clothing. Learn More

  6. Macna LeatherGel

    Macna LeatherGel

    Leather Conditioner in 200ml tube. Learn More

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6 Item(s)