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SW-MOTECH Handlebar Riser Set For Triumph Street Triple 675 '12-'17 | 20mm

SW-MOTECH Handlebar Riser Set For Triumph Street Triple 675 '12-'17 | 20mm

SKU: LEH.11.039.10201.S

In stock


Provides a more upright, comfortable riding position by raising the original tubular handlebar 20mm.

These high quality bar risers increase comfort, look great, and are easy to install. 

No need to replace your handlebars. Simply remove the original top clamp, place the riser between the handlebar and original bottom clamp, and install the top clamp using the included hardware. For use with original top clamp or included matching SW-MOTECH top clamp. 

Kit includes:

  • Bar riser
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions

Handlebar Riser Application Chart

Pegaso 650 '05-'07  LEH.00.039150
Pegaso 650 Factory '91-'99  LEH.00.039150
RSV1000 Tuono '02-'04  LEH.00.039150
F650 Funduro '93-'00  LEH.00.039150
F650CS Scarver '02-'06  LEH.00.039150
F650GS '03-'06  LEH.00.039150
F650GS Dakar '00-'07  LEH.00.039150
F650GS Twin '08-'12  LEH.07.039118.20.S - 20mm
F700GS '12-'17  LEH.07.039118.20.S- 20mm
 LEH.07.039118.30.S - 30mm
F800GS '08-'17  LEH.07.039118.20.S - 20mm
 LEH.07.039118.30.S - 30mm
F800GS Adventure '14-'17  LEH.07.039118.20.S - 20mm
 LEH.07.039118.30.S - 30mm
 LEH.07.039.111.B - 30mm
F800ST '06-'12  LEH.00.039150
S1000XR '15-'16  LEH.07.039.12700.S
R1100GS '94-'99  LEH.00.039150
R1150GS '00-'04  LEH.00.039150
R1200GS '04-'07  LEH.07.039.111.B
R1200GS '08-'12  LEH.07.039.117.S
R1200GS LC '13-'17  LEH.07.039.12401
R1200GS Adventure '06-'07  LEH.07.039.111.B
R1200GS Adventure '08-'13  LEH.07.039.117.S
R1200GS LC Adventure '14-'17  LEH.07.039.12401
R1200R '07-'10  LEH.00.039150
R1200RT '05-'13  LEH.07.039.12301.S
Multistrada 1200 / S  '10-'14  LEH.22.039.10000.B
Varadero XL125V '01-'08  LEH.00.039150
CB500 '93-'03  LEH.00.039150
CB500S '96-'03  LEH.00.039150
CBF500 '04-'06  LEH.00.039150
CB599 / CB600F Hornet '98-'10  LEH.00.039150
CBF600N / S '04-'12  LEH.00.039150
XL650V Transalp '00-'06  LEH.00.039150
NT700V Deauville '98-'05  LEH.00.039150
Transalp XL700V '07-'12  LEH.00.039150
CB900F Hornet '02-'05  LEH.00.039150
Africa Twin CRF1000L '16-'17  LEH.00.039.20200
CB1000R '08-'10  LEH.00.039150
CBF1000 '06-'09  LEH.00.039150
XL1000V '98-'10  LEH.00.039150
ER-5 '96-'05  LEH.00.039150
KLE500 '91-'05  LEH.00.039150
ER-6f '06-'08  LEH.00.039150
ER-6f '09-'17  LEH.08.039.120.B
ER-6n '06-'08  LEH.00.039150
ER-6n '09-'11  LEH.08.039.120.B
Ninja 650R '09-'11  LEH.08.039.120.B
KLR650 '94-'01  LEH.00.039150
KLR650 '08-'17  LEH.00.039150
Versys 650 '07-'14  LEH.08.039.119.S
ZR7S '00-'04  LEH.00.039150
Z750 '04-'06  LEH.08.039.12100.B
Z750R '11-'12  LEH.08.039.12100.B
Z750S '04-'06  LEH.08.039.12100.B
Z800 '12-'16  LEH.08.039.12501.B
KLV1000 '04-'06  LEH.00.039150
Versys 1000 '11-'14  LEH.00.039150
Z1000 '07-'09  LEH.08.039.12100.B
ZRX1100 '97-'01  LEH.00.039150
ZRX1200R '01-'06  LEH.00.039150
ZRX1200S '01-'06  LEH.00.039150
EXC Models  LEH.00.039150
620 Adventure '96-'99  LEH.00.039.106
640 Adventure '98-'07  LEH.00.039150
690 Duke 4 / R '12-'15  LEH.00.039.106
950 Adventure '03-'06  LEH.00.039.20200
950SM '05-'07  LEH.00.039.20200
950SMR '05-'07  LEH.00.039.20200
990 Adventure '06-'13  LEH.00.039.20200
990SM '07-'13  LEH.00.039.20200
990SMR '07-'09  LEH.00.039.20200
990SMT '08-'13  LEH.00.039.20200
1050 Adventure '15-'16  LEH.00.039.20200
1190 Adventure / R '13-'16  LEH.00.039.20200
1290 Super Duke GT '17  LEH.00.039.20200
DR200SE '08-'13  LEH.00.039150
DR-Z400S/E '99-'07  LEH.00.039150
GS500E '89-'06  LEH.00.039150
GS500F '04-'06  LEH.00.039150
GSF600 Bandit '94-'04  LEH.00.039150
GSF600 Bandit S '97-'04  LEH.00.039150
GSR600 '05-'10  LEH.00.039150
DL650 V-Strom / XT '04-'17  LEH.00.039150
DR650SE '95-'98  LEH.00.039150
DR650SE '08-'17  LEH.00.039150
GSF650 Bandit / S '09-'13  LEH.00.039150
GSX650F '08-'15  LEH.00.039150
SFV650 Gladius '09-'15  LEH.00.039150
SV650 '98-'08  LEH.00.039150
SV650 '17  LEH.00.039150
GSR750 '03-'08  LEH.00.039150
GSX750 '97-'03  LEH.00.039150
DL1000 V-Strom '01-'07  LEH.00.039150
SV1000 '03-'05  LEH.00.039150
GSF1200 Bandit / S '00-'06  LEH.00.039150
GSF1250 Bandit / S '07-'16  LEH.00.039150
GSX1250F '09-'15  LEH.00.039150
GSX1400 '01-'06  LEH.00.039150
Street Triple '07-'09  LEH.00.039150
Street Triple '12-'17  LEH.11.039.10201.S
Tiger 800 / XC '10-'14  LEH.11.039.10000.S
Tiger 800 XC / XCx / XCa '15-'17  LEH.11.039.10000.S
Tiger 800 XR / XRx / XRt '15-'17  LEH.11.039.10000.S
Tiger 900 '93-'99  LEH.00.039150
Speed Triple 955 '00-'05  LEH.00.039150
Tiger 955i '00-'07  LEH.00.039150
Tiger 1050 '07-'11  LEH.00.039150
Tiger 1050SE '11-'16  LEH.11.039.10100.S
Speed Triple 1050/S/R '10-'15  LEH.00.039.20200
Explorer 1200 / XC '11-'15  LEH.11.039.10000.S
Tiger Explorer XCx / XCa '16-'17  LEH.11.039.10000.S
Tiger Explorer XR / XRx/ XRt '16-'17  LEH.11.039.10000.S
DT125R '00-'04  LEH.00.039150
TDR125 '93-'98  LEH.00.039150
MT-03 '16  LEH.00.039150
TT350 '86-'92  LEH.00.039150
FZ6 '03-'10  LEH.00.039150
FZ6 Fazer '03-'10  LEH.00.039150
FZS600 Fazer '97-'03  LEH.00.039150
TT600 '95-'98  LEH.00.039150
XJ600 Diversion '91-'03  LEH.00.039150
FZ6R '10-'17  LEH.00.039150
XT600 '84-'03  LEH.00.039150
MT-03 '05-'06  LEH.00.039150
XT660R '04-  LEH.00.039150
XT660X '04-  LEH.00.039150
XT660Z Tenere '07-'09  LEH.00.039150
XTZ750 Super Tenere '89-'03  LEH.00.039150
FZ8 '11-'13  LEH.00.039150
TDM850 '91-'01  LEH.00.039150
TDM900 '01-'09  LEH.00.039150
XJ900S Diversion '94-'98  LEH.00.039150
FZ1 '05-'09  LEH.00.039150
FZ1 Fazer '00-'05  LEH.00.039150
FZS1000 Fazer '00-'05  LEH.00.039150
BT1100 Bulldog '02-'05  LEH.00.039150
XT1200Z Super Tenere '10-'13  LEH.06.039.10100.S
XJR1200 '95-'99  LEH.00.039150
XJR1300 '98-'06  LEH.00.039150
FJR1300 '01-'05  LEH.06.039.114.S

Customer Reviews
Review by BrianG
I received my SW-Motech risers promptly and installed them this afternoon. While it is true that they are not a perfect match to the factory items, that is less of a concern to me than how long it took me to install them. I have a fairly good set of tools, but it was tough for me (I have fairly low mechanical aptitude,) The entire job took just over two hours, since there is little clearance under the top triple clamp. The hardest part was getting things lined back up just right...I suppose if you could clamp the bar up and out of the way that would help. It's also easier to install if you don't have a flyscreen (or worse, a flyscreen with a visor attached like I have!), I'd wager.

All that said, the whole set-up went back together nicely and there was no cable adjustment needed. I took it for a quick test ride, and it worked beautifully. Once I take it on a longer ride, I'll know more, but so far, it's great! I'm glad I got them, and I'd recommend them to anyone. (Posted on 9/3/2015)
Review by ehs
Installed these on my 2014 Triumph Street Triple R to lessen the stress on my wrists and shoulders (older rider). Installation is a bit of a challenge (not the fault of the risers) as there is very little clearance under the triple tree to remove and reinstall the bar clamp bolt nuts. Has improved my riding position and was worth the time and effort to install. (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Review by Striper
After a couple rides with sw motech bar risers, I noticed enough height difference to relieve wrist/shoulder pressure. Install was simple. No cable adjustments needed. (Posted on 7/29/2015)
Review by StreetyRider
Very disappointed on the Paint Job, not as good quality as the material. It does not match with my 2014 Triumph Street Triple R, actually looks Terrible. Besides the look, it serve the purpose well, I have a better riding position and less pressure on the handle bar now. (Posted on 4/8/2015)
Review by yogirace
Great risers, look factory correct. No problem with cables and lines being stretched.
Took about 15 minutes for install. I cannot imagine wanting the bars to be higher, these are just right. (Posted on 10/23/2014)
Review by Anonymous
I just bought a new 2014 Triumph Street Triple 675 and love the bike, but coming from a Yamaha FZ-6, which has a more upright riding position, I was a little unhappy with the weight on my wrists of the Triumph. This set of bar risers raised the handle bar just enough to take the pressure off my wrists -- perfect! Best addition I ever made to a bike. It's very heavy-duty, well made and fairly easy to install if you've worked on bikes before, Great product. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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