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SW-MOTECH Frame Slider Kit For Yamaha FJR1300 '06-'17

SW-MOTECH Frame Slider Kit For Yamaha FJR1300 '06-'17

SKU: STP.06.590.10301.B

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SW-MOTECH Frame Slider Kit is made of abrasion resistant synthetics. Easy to mount with included instructions.


  • 2 frame sliders
  • Mounting hardware
  • Mounting instructions

Manufacturer # STP.06.590.10301/B
Customer Reviews
Review by 2007FJRMan
Have this on my 2007 FJR 1300, it's a heavy bike so I'm glad I got this kit, personally I like the look if it on the bike and as far as it sticking out too much, that only bothers you till you drop the bike. I have gravel driveway and as I came in and braked the front tire slid out from under me. Fortunately I was going slow enough to put a leg down and help the bike down as gently as possible. Kept all body parts off the rocks other then the handlebar, in other words couldn't be any happier about how far they stick out. Did not rate installation since I had it installed at the shop while getting other seasonal work done. (Posted on 5/23/2015)
Review by Frankie
I decided to try these on my 2015 FJR1300ES because I had no familiarity with SW-Motech products. All parts are very nicely manufactured, beautiful in fact with very high quality materials. The design is just too complicated, and seemingly for no reason. There is a small spacer / stanchion, then a large spacer / stanchion, then a small plate, then a large M12 bolt, then a large plate, then the plastic slider, then two small M6 bolts, then a cover plate, then two small M4 screws (!?). With all of these pieces / parts, they stick out quite far as well. The stock photos don't do this justice ... a side view would be best for the Customer to see. The one advantage over other designs / manufacturers that I can see is that the plastic slider could be changed independently of the rest of the setup, but aside from that, this could be a two-piece design. They aren't cheap either. Since they've been installed and have minor witness marks on them, I will be selling them used / "open box" on eBay as I don't feel it is fair to return them as new. (Posted on 4/30/2015)
Review by james
Nice kit but need to read directions.spacers are different lenths.looks good should work happy with the the installation. Was vary easy. (Posted on 8/5/2014)
Review by Collin
High quality, simple installation (<10 minutes). Sticks out a little further than I anticipated. Almost like highway pegs. I had a luggage mounting system from SW Motech on my old sportbike and it was very high quality as well. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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