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SW-MOTECH Centerstand for Honda CB500F '13-'17, CB500X '13-'16 & CBR500R '13-'15

SW-MOTECH Centerstand for Honda CB500F '13-'17, CB500X '13-'16 & CBR500R '13-'15

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The must-have accessory for sport-touring! Greatly eases basic chain maintenance, tire changes, parking, and bike cleaning. Super-strong steel construction features typical German design and high engineering standards. Superb integration with the factory exhaust and side stand components -- retain all existing features without sacrificing lean angle or clearances.

All hardware needed to mount the centerstand included. Typically installs using basic hand tools. No welding, cutting, or drilling of existing frame or body parts required. Tough black powdercoated finish with some gray fittings or hardware as applicable. A double-retention spring is included as a safety feature to prevent the centerstand from contacting pavement if one of the two springs should fail during a ride. Designed to work with OEM components -- we cannot assure fit with aftermarket exhausts or other accessories.

NOTE: A portion of the bottom fairing must be cut off to use this centerstand. Please view the installation instructions for complete details.

Special Note: We do not recommend installing centerstands on bikes with a lowered rear suspension because use on a lowered bike may result in:

  • Ground clearance & cornering clearance problems, and
  • Difficulty in lifting the lowered bike onto the centerstand.

Twisted Throttle Tech Tips: Center Stand Installation Explained

Customer Reviews
Review by Josh
I bought it a few weeks ago from "twisted". It arrived in about one week.
Easy setup, no need special tools. No need cut off any part of the faring.( 2014 Honda Cb500f). The instructions is not really helpful. It took me a while to figure out why it comes with two springs. And need a bit skills to put the springs on.
The other nice things is that you can assemble the center stand with only the kick stand on, no need special tools or third person to help. (Posted on 2/6/2016)
Review by MCFlint
Easy to install, seems very well constructed, very stable (Posted on 1/23/2015)
Review by Altheman
I ordered this item and received it promptly in December. I have installed a few SW-Motech Centerstand's before on a variety of different motorcycles and been impressed with their quality. I was therefore a little disappointed that they advise recommending cutting the bottom fairing, which otherwise fouls the stand retaining springs, which is a first in my experience with SW-Motech products.
I have installed the centerstand, I am using it and satisfied with it's performance despite my above complaint. (Posted on 1/13/2015)
Review by Mike3160
Nice, well built product! Looks just like it was factory installed (Honda does not make a center stand for the 2013/2014 CB500F). Took me about 1.5 hours to install with my son helping. No need to cut the left lower plastic fairing as the instructions call for. Just remove it during center stand installation and then put it back. The center stand spring just barely rubs against the plastic fairing when the stand is lowered. Just two recommendations when installing: 1) loosen the exhaust clamp enough so the clamp screw can be rotated out of the way. 2) Don't tighten any bolts/nuts until the end or you won't be able to mount the center stand onto the bike. Also,attaching the spring was difficult so a spring mounting tool would help. I just used the hook on a brake drum spring tool to pull the spring down. (Posted on 8/25/2014)
Review by Carlos
I finally got this center stand installed yesterday and it's great (though I haven't ridden with it yet).

My only gripe (so far) is the instructions. They could have been more helpful for people like myself with no previous experience. I had 2 major issues and both required me to do something I did not anticipate having to do.

My first issue was getting the Flanged Spacers into the openings in the frame. Both required a lot of brute force and using the hexagon Socket Screw, Bushing and Lock Nut to press the Flanged Spacers completely into the opening. In addition, the exhaust side required removing the entire exhaust system (header and all) to force the Flanged Spacer into that opening (though now that I'm thinking about it, it probably was not necessary).

My second issue was installing the double retention spring. I tried various different things before the final solution dawned on me. I needed to remove the foot peg part (aka left main step) so I could get the clearance I needed to push the springs into place (using a large screwdriver).

Of course, I plan to do a track day in a month and I will need to remove it for that. But at least I know what to do now and the two hardest parts have been done (though one turned out not to be so hard), so reinstalling it will be very easy (now that I know). (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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