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Scottoiler Vacuum Operated Ducati Chain Oiler for Ducati Monster '09-'13 & All Ducati Models -'09

Scottoiler Vacuum Operated Ducati Chain Oiler for Ducati Monster '09-'13 & All Ducati Models -'09


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Keep the drive chain and sprockets on your motorcycle properly lubricated while you ride with the Scottoiler Vacuum Operated Ducati Chain Oiler

Designed specifically for the Ducati Monster '09-'13 & all Ducati models up to '09, the Scottoiler Vacuum Operated Chain Oiler will automatically lubricate and increase the life of your motorcycle's chain and sprocket. This vSystem uses Scottoil chain lubricant. Most chain oils contain a large concentration of tack, which is a super sticky substance that helps the lube stick to the chain. The problem with tack is that it is a magnet for dirt particles. Over time, tack and dirt combine to make a grinding paste that wears down on your chain and sprockets. Scottoiler Blue or Red chain lube has only 5% of the tack additive as traditional chain oils do. The Scottoiler relies upon the constant lubrication of your chain rather than needing tack. With the vSystem you will always have clean oil applied to your chain, automatically. No grinding paste or fling, more efficiently running transmission, increase the lifespan of the chain and sprocket while reducing maintenance time.

The Scottoiler Vacuum Operated Ducati Chain Oiler kit is ideal for average operating temperatures of 32ºF to 86ºF. For average operating temperatures of 68°F to 104°F we recommend the Scottoiler High-Temperature Vacuum Operated Ducati Chain Oiler.

Want to improve the oiling efficiency of your Scottoiler system even more? Grab the Scottoiler Dual Injector Chain Lubricant Dispenser Accessory. This handy attachment feeds oil to both sides of the chain.

Are you heading on an off-road adventure that has a little more dirt? Just increase the flow rate to keep your chain cleaner and improve transmission efficiency.


  • Increase chain and sprocket life up to 7 times
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces chain maintenance
  • Vacuum operated - sealed system will not affect performance of engine
  • Lubricates while you ride
  • Includes Traditional Blue Scottoil chain lubricant
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • 500-1000 miles between refills
  • Compatible with Traditional Blue Scottoil or High-Temperature Red Scottoil (types of lube can be mixed)
  • Bike Specific Installation Guides 
  • CARB EO certified

What's In The Box:

  • Scottoiler Standard Temperature Vacuum Operated Chain Oiler
  • Mounting materials


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