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R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle

R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle

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The R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap timer is a handy accessory for any rider heading to the track. The unit collects data to help analyze riding ability and style easily. This lap timer includes a super cool feature using Google Earth where you can replay a satellite view of your ride! Review your line around the track with a 3D mock up that includes bike lean and acceleration reporting. Virtually race your friends or foes using your own lap data! 

  • Lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees
  • Longitudinal G’s up to +/- 1.5G
  • Speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH)
  • 10 Hz GPS traces
  • Lap times down to 1/1000 sec

Most often once you hit the track all you need is to power the unit on, race and have fun!

Whoa, wait! There's more! You can also log the data from your captures onto video from your Gopro, Drift Ghost or Contour and more via some easy to use software available on! 

Features Include:

Motion and Trace:

  • Real time lean angle up to 69°
  • Max degree of left / right lean angles
  • Max angles of the last three turns
  • Real time longitudinal G of acceleration / deceleration up to ±1.5G
  • Real time GPS speed up to 255 MPH / 410 KMH
  • Top GPS speed
  • 10Hz GPS trace mapping and PC analysis

Lap Timer:

  • 1/1000 Second lap time resolution
  • Lap time
  • Best lap time with time gap
  • Last lap
  • Lap length
  • Session time/Sector time
  • Auto Track search
  • Auto Finish Line setup
  • Auto Timer start
  • Auto Timer stop
  • Auto data logging
  • Auto Lap Record Display
  • Up to 7 Sector Lines in one Track (uploaded via software Track Manager), Up to 15 Tracks
  • Track editable via software Track Manager and Lap time record report with motion data

Kit includes assorted fixing and attachments to secure the unit to the kit along with fitting instructions and manual.

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