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R&G Tank Traction Grips for Yamaha YZF R1 '15-'16 | 4 Grip Kit

R&G Tank Traction Grips for Yamaha YZF R1 '15-'16 | 4 Grip Kit


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Maintain better control and body position, reduce fatigue and protect the paint on your bike from zipper scratches and environmental factors with R&G's Tank Traction Grips.

The unique R&G Tank Traction Grips texture was designed to be comfortable and is made for lasting use. These adhesive grips provide the rider with confidence and control, helping to maintain the ideal body position whilst cornering and braking. The tank traction pads also help to minimize rider fatgue allowing the focus to be on the road instead of only bodily strain. 

The textured grips come with 4 form fitting adhesive pieces designed for your specific bike with placement depending on the shape of the fairing and tank. The super adhesive traction pads stay put once placed where you want them but are designed to not affect the paintwork on the body or your machine. These accessories work in both wet or dry conditions!


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