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Givi PLXR1132 Rapid Release Tubular Side Carriers To Fit Givi V35 PLX Side Cases For VFR800F Interceptor '14-'15

Givi PLXR1132 Rapid Release Tubular Side Carriers To Fit Givi V35 PLX Side Cases For VFR800F Interceptor '14-'15

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These Givi PLXR1132 Rapid Release Tubular side carriers are designed to maximize luggage space while maintaining a narrow profile by hugging the lines of your VFR800 Interceptor '14-'15. For use with space efficient Givi V35 Cases to maintain a svelte, aerodynamic figure without sacrificing capacity. These racks are powder coated in black for an easy to clean, durable finish. The Rapid Release system means this rack can be removed from the bike in seconds for local cruising or traveling without luggage. 


  • Lightweight tubular steel construction
  • Durable powder coated black finish
  • Rapid Release system can be removed in seconds
  • Space efficient design
  • Designed for Givi V35 Cases


  • Left and right side carriers
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

The second image shows the mounting points on your bike that these side carriers use.


Purchasing Side Carriers That Require GIVI Top Rack Or Fitting Kit. 

These side carriers require a GIVI top rack, or in some cases a fitting kit, in order to be properly installed. These parts will be available to purchase in the drop down options above. In some cases you may have the option to select a top case plate. If you are choosing to use the fitting kit instead of the top rack, you do not need a top case plate.



GIVI Top Rack Plate Guide

GIVI M5 MONOKEY Adapter Plate GIVI M7 Monokey Plate GIVI CM7A900 Silver Insert for M7 Monokey Plate

GIVI M3 MONOKEY Adapter Plate GIVI M8A MONOKEY Plate | Silver GIVI M8B MONOKEY Plate | Black

GIVI MM Monolock Adapter Plate GIVI Brand GIVI M5M Monolock Adapter Plate


 GIVI Top Case Plates for GIVI Monokey and Monolock cases

Since your GIVI top rack system requires a top case plate to be functional, you will need to have a bit of information to figure out which type you will need. After you have confirmed that this rack will fit your motorcycle, determine if you will be mounting a Monokey or Monolock GIVI top case to your motorcycle. Here is a quick rundown on these two different types…

Monokey top cases feature heavy duty construction combined with elegant styling. The GIVI Monokey mount system is comprised of two separate forward mounting points with a rearward locking tab. Click here to see the line up of GIVI Monokey top cases.

Monolock top cases feature durable but lighter weight construction. The GIVI Monolock mount system incorporates a forward mounting bar with a rearward locking tab. Although all new GIVI Monolock cases include a universal mounting plate kit that is designed to allow fitment to most stock or aftermarket flat or tubular luggage racks we do recommend the MM or M5M Monolock adapter be used with any GIVI top rack due to the ease of installation and a cleaner look. Click here to view the available GIVI Monolock top cases.

Some top racks include the top case plates and some require an additional selection. Either way, knowing which type of case you are mounting will tell you which top case plate or top rack type you will need to go with your top rack. For Monokey cases, you will need to select the Monokey top case plate for your top rack and as you would suspect, for Monolock cases you would need a Monolock plate. Since there may be more than one choice in the style plate you need, here are some key features…

M5 Monokey Plate features a streamlined design with rugged nylon construction, a black matte finish and is compatible with FZ or SR series GIVI top racks and all Monokey top cases.

M7 Monokey Plate provides secure mounting for any of the Monokey series top cases onto any of the FZ or SR series top racks. This rugged nylon plate features a durable center luggage rack that provides support for strapping soft luggage and smaller items to the rack when not using a top case.

CM7A900 Silver Insert adds style to your M7 Monokey plate. Simple to install, the satin finish provides an accent trim to the center support area of your rack.

M8B and M8A Monokey Plates are designed to complement the Trekker line of Monokey top cases. They are constructed of 5mm anodized aluminum and available in either black (M8B) or silver (M8A) finish. There are compatible with FZ or SR series GIVI top racks and all Monokey top cases.

M3 Monokey Plate features a flat design with strong nylon construction and a matte black finish. This plate works only with GIVI F series top racks and all Monokey top cases.

MM Monolock Plate also features a flat design but is made from aluminum with a black finish. This plate works with all Monolock top cases and only GIVI F series top racks.

M5M Monolock Plate is another streamlined adapter with durable nylon construction. This is compatible with all Monolock top cases and GIVI FZ or SR series top racks.


Note: To mount the Givi PLXR1132 sidecarriers to your bike you must also install the Givi 1132FZ toprack, or the Givi 1132KIT.

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