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Barkbusters VPS Lever & Wind Protection Handguards for KTM 1290 Super Duke '14-'16 | BHG-054 Mulitiple Colors

Barkbusters VPS Lever & Wind Protection Handguards for KTM 1290 Super Duke '14-'16 | BHG-054 Mulitiple Colors

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These Barkbusters VPS HandGuards are designed to protect your hands from whatever nature dishes out during your ride. Wind, rain, bad weather, stones, bugs and other projectiles are deflected to protect your hands and maximize riding comfort. The handguards also protect your brake lever from being activated accidentally when riding in groups or in tight trails where objects can brush against your handlebar. In the event of a fall, your brake lever and handlebar will be shielded from damage with a hardened aluminum backbone that extends from the bar end to a secure second mounting point farther up on the bar, protecting your controls from possible damage. 

Need more wind protection? All VPS Handguards are compatible with the Barkbusters Storm plastics, giving you maximum protection from the elements and a reinforced backbone. Storm plastics are less suited to tight off-road singletrack use and are not compatible with supermoto skidplates or wind deflectors. 

Specifically designed for the KTM 1290 Super Duke '14-'16.


  • Full wrap hardened aluminum backbone attached at both ends
  • Designed for street, adventure and trail use
  • Replaceable plastic guards
  • Protection from wind, weather and road debris
  • Protects riders hands, handlebar and brake lever
  • Available in black, blue, green, red, yellow, silver, orange, white, or pink plastics
  • Adjustable height wind deflector extensions for customizable wind protection. 


  • Left & right backbones 
  • VPS plastic guard set
  • Mounting hardware including master cylinder spacer
  • Installation instructions 
Please Note: This kit includes a spacer that fits between handlebar clamp and backbone to clear the master cylinder

Handguard Comparison & Overview Video

Barkbusters Handguard Comparison Video

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