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Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control for Yamaha FZ-09 '14-'17, MT-09 '18 & FJ-09 '15-'17 with Barkbusters, SW-MOTECH or OEM Handguards

Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control for Yamaha FZ-09 '14-'17, MT-09 '18 & FJ-09 '15-'17 with Barkbusters, SW-MOTECH or OEM Handguards


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This Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control was created to maximize the enjoyment of your ride. Designed to reduce fuel consumption and facilitate speed maintenance, this accessory is a must have for any rider who is serious about getting the most out of a trip. Which is everyone, right? Stop worrying about that speedometer and enjoy a smooth ride with the help of this throttle lock.

Why You Should Have a Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control


Installation requires simply removing the right hand bar weight and replacing it with Kaoko bar weight; firmly tighten the central retaining screw and you're ready to go!

Fitment Note: Not compatible with OEM heated grips


  • Elevates rider stamina and lessens strain on wrists and hands
  • En-route ability to remove hand from throttle grip with throttle opening remaining set
  • Easy to operate even with bulky winter apparel
  • High quality, compact and durable design, super smooth action
  • Quick Installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Decreases wear and tear on throttle cables and linkages
  • Can result in improved fuel mileage
  • Compatible with Barkbusters, OEM or SW-MOTECH handguards

Replacement left-side bar end weight NOT included in kit. 

Kaoko™ Safety Warning: The Kaoko™ Cruise Control is an aftermarket accessory. Any misunderstood, abused or incorrectly installed motorcycle accessory is a safety hazard that could cause injury or death. It’s the rider’s responsibility to understand the operation and purpose for which the Kaoko™ Cruise Control is designed, namely, for cruising, only when safe to do so. At all other times the control should be disengaged. The Kaoko™ Cruise Controls are to be used only by experienced and responsible riders. 

2014-2017 Yamaha FZ-09 with Barkbusters, SW-MOTECH or OEM Handguards

2018 Yamaha MT-09 with Barkbusters, SW-MOTECH or OEM Handguards

2015-2017 Yamaha FJ-09 with Barkbusters, SW-MOTECH or OEM Handguards

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Customer Reviews
Review by Frankum1998
I received it quickly from Twisted Throttle.. Great products !!!! And shipping... Took approx 30 min to install... The throttle side OEM hand guards will stretch enough to install the 8mm end bolt when assembling but needs some patience. The look of the throttle lock is barely noticeable and blends with the bike. Took it for a 30 mile test on the highway and very easy to use. Get the bike up to speed and twist the throttle lock so it puts pressure against the throttle tube to sustain the mph. It's not as good as a digital or factory cruise control but will most DEFINATELY help on long rides when you need to rest your wrist and hands.. Great purchase and would recommend as long as you understand that you are buying a throttle lock.... Not a cruise control. After the lock is being used you can always make minor adjustments with the throttle to speed up and slow down and you will loose speed on hills.

Great purchase (Posted on 6/20/2016)
Review by Butterfly
By "Tweakers Delight", I mean so far I've had to do a LOT of micro-adjusting after I set this (you set it by turning the ring once you've reached desired speed). I have to turn the ring (the ridged "friction nut") to snug first, then half-turn tighter at exactly the right moment, and then, in order to counter-act the slow, steady rise or fall of speed, I have to keep tweaking so lightly I'm just firming the throttle grip, not actually turning it. However, It seems like I'll gradually develop enough feel for it so that eventually the micro-adjusting will be at a minimum. This throttle lock is very safe, since I only have to turn the ring forward again with my pinky to disengage (make sure you do that before you change gears, unless you like hearing your RPMs skyrocket!). It mounts easily, as long as you have a 12mm coupler nut to remove Yamaha's end piece on the hand grip. I would recommend this only for long-distance travelers and riders who are prone to bad hand cramps. (Posted on 2/1/2016)
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