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SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for Ducati Scrambler '15-'16

SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for Ducati Scrambler '15-'16

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SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards are designed to protect the most vulnerable and costly to repair components of your motorcycle during an unexpected drop. Crafted from heavy-duty mild steel, this crucial bike protection product ensures a strong connection to the frame and can definitely take a serious blow... or a few. Black powder-coated with a tube diameter of 22mm, these engine guards look just as bad ass as the bike you're using them to protect.

Fabricated with heavy-duty mild steel, SW-MOTECH Crash Bars are designed to provide maximum protection, sleek looks, and high-quality fit and finish.


  • Reliable protection for vulnerable bike components
  • Sturdy and powerful frame connection
  • Black powder-coated
  • Enhances the sleek aesthetics of your motorcycle
  • Pipe diameter: 22 mm


  • 2 Crashbars
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation instructions
Customer Reviews
Review by Apebrains
So I purchased these for my wife's Scrambler on the basis that, one, SW-Motech was the only company manufacturing protection for the Scrambler at the time, and two, they have a great reputation for tough products on bikes that take a whole lot more beating than I anticipate this one will. I have a BMW F800GS and a KTM SuperDuke 1290 R, and both of those bikes are graced with Motech products as well, and as yet I have no complaints.

Twisted Throttle shipped them to me quite quickly, and everything I needed was included in the package. Install was relatively straightforward, though I'd suggest a little forum-searching online before you do it just to make sure that you fully understand what's required before undertaking the process. The engine should be supported while you change out the main support bolt (the huge bolt that comes in the kit), and any old car jack will suffice for this; you only need to support it, not lift it. Second, BE AWARE THAT THESE BARS DO REQUIRE A MINOR MODIFICATION TO YOUR MACHINE. The two small plastic trim panels just below the gas tank between your frame bars will need to be trimmed. A dremel is the ideal tool for this, and once completed, the modification is all but unnoticeable. These pieces are not terribly expensive, so if you decide to remove the bars at a later date, returning the bike to stock will not be a serious issue. All told, the install took approximately 20-30 minutes, and went swimmingly with two people. I was teaching the better half how to work on her machine, so it probably would have gone quicker if I weren't teaching in addition to installing...if you have much of any experience working on your bike, this install should be a breeze.

As for the protection provided by these bars...well, as is so often stated in such reviews, they haven't been seriously tested yet (I say seriously since the Mrs. has already dropped the bike on its side in the garage since we'd installed these, but it just mashed down some stuff in the garage instead of hurting the bike...sigh), and as is also always said in each review, I hope she never really has to. The reality, however, is that this bike will be used occasionally off road, and so it is doubtless that at some point they will experience contact with the ground. By look and feel, I have no doubt that they'll serve their purpose just fine, but I will be interested to see how well they hold up. They stick out from the sides of the bike sufficiently as to protect the tank and crucial bits, but are not unattractive (from our inherently subjective perspectives of course), and actually look pretty much like a stock component. Additionally, they don't add an excessive amount of weight, and in that regard, are not overtly noticeable when riding. Should they, for some reason, fail to do their appointed job, I'll be sure to come back here and let loose for the posterity of the masses. Short of that, however, these bars have my (and her) approval, and I will recommend them to Scrambler riders out there who actually plan on riding the bike off road, and for those who are fairly new and looking to get a good product that will protect their machine's expensive bits in the case of an accidental get-off.

In summary? Easy to install, look great (read: tough), don't add too much weight, protect the important bits, require some minor modifications to the bike, and are helpful teaching aids for mechanically un-inclined wives. I do recommend them to prospective purchasers. Think that should cover most of the bases, so I'll shut up now.

Rubber Side Down.

-Apebrains (Posted on 1/21/2016)
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