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Galfer FD075G Brake Pads

Galfer FD075G Brake Pads


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The Galfer FD075G Brake Pad is available in a range of materials including semi-matallic, kevlar, and full metallic.


These GG rated pads out-perform most original equipment pads by maintaining functionality at temperatures as high as 700 degrees.  They offer extreme versatility with the ability to be used on both front and rear, and on both street and dirt with excellent effectiveness.  Using a combination of Semi-metallic materials, and carbon Galfer produced a brakepad that will be long lasting, and limit rotor wear.  The Galfer Black brakepad will give you a strong progressive feel allowing for a controlled braking modulation.


The Galfer Gold compound is manufactured using sintered metal, advanced ceramics, and carbon fibers which allows for the ultimate friction, making their stopping power incredible.  The Gold will provide instant powerful braking intensity in any weather condition or speed. The ceramic coating on these pads disperses the heat evenly, keeping the brake fluid temperature lower (which minimizes brake fade).  These HH pads are rougher on rotor surfaces but work with optimum performance on Galfer Brake Rotors and other high-carbon content discs.  This compound is generally used by street riders, and racers.


If you need your KLR to stop on a dime, then the Green Galfer Brake Pads are for you.  Whether you are on the street, in dirt, in a race, or a combination of all 3 the Galfer green compound will suit your needs.  With these brakepads you will be supplied by continuous braking without any fading, and will last longer than comparable pads in street and off-road conditions.  This compound the ability to adjust to abrupt temperature and moisture changes.  An additional benefit of using the green compound is the combination of various organic and inorganic materials used in them offer a tough yet soft composition that causes minimal damage to rotors.   The Galfer green brakepads are manufactured using a combination of Kevlar, ceramics, and basalt fibers.

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