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MFW Vario Extension Arms | 25-50mm - Silver

MFW Vario Extension Arms | 25-50mm - Silver


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The adjustable MFW Vario Extension Arm system allows you to choose from 8 possible foot positions over a 360 degree range. Adjustability is attained by attaching the footpeg to the displacement component. Each of the footpeg mounts and 25mm-50mm silver extension arms are engineered with an indexed attachment surface to provide secure assembly. With the mount and displacement arm attached, the footpeg itself is then bolted to the other end of the displacement attachment.

Also available: 23mm displacement arm (black) and 50mm displacement arm (silver only).

Please Note: MFW recommends when being used at an adjustment setting of 50mm that this displacement arm only be used with passenger footpegs. On most bikes, the 50mm displacement arm is too long to use on the driver footpegs.

Vario Footpeg Assembly

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