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Givi ES1111 Kickstand Footprint Enlarger for Honda CB500X '13-'16 & NC700X '12-'15

Givi ES1111 Kickstand Footprint Enlarger for Honda CB500X '13-'16 & NC700X '12-'15

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The Givi ES1111 Kickstand Footprint Enlarger is designed to fit over the factory sidestand effectively doubling surface area for added stability when parking on hot pavement or varied terrain. CNC machined aluminum and laser cut stainless steel ensure your bike is supported using superior materials. With this footprint enlarger the weight of your bike is much less likely to push the sidestand into the parking surface. Made in Italy with Italian passion.


  • CNC Machined aluminum base
  • Laser cut stainless steel retention plate
  • Stainless Torx bolts
  • Simple & easy to install


  • Kickstand footprint enlarger
  • Mounting material
  • Installation instructions
Please note: This Kickstand Footprint Enlarger will not prevent your bike from sinking in quicksand

Givi Footprint Enlarger

Customer Reviews
Review by Chapter 11
There are two problems with this design. First, the lip on the existing stand makes it impossible to "sandwich" the existing foot and tighten the screws without additional shims to add to the thickness of the new foot. (picture 1) I had to take a grinder and reduce the size of the lip on the existing foot, just to get the short screws to bite into the new threaded foot. Second, one of the screws you need to tighten, is placed directly under the little arm of existing kick foot. So you can't get a torx screwdriver (T25) on it at all. Same for a second screw which is placed behind the main arm of the existing kickstand! Looking from above, (picture two) you can't see the screws and you can't tighten them. I clamped the top plate down and it is finger tight for the picture! In summary, the screw placement is all needs to be staggered and another 1/8" of shim is required, Finally the screws should be longer by the depth of the added shim requirement. (Posted on 4/7/2016)
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