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SW-MOTECH Original Style Quick-Lock Sidecarriers For Kawasaki KLR650 '87-'07 (Discontinued)

SW-MOTECH Original Style Quick-Lock Sidecarriers For Kawasaki KLR650 '87-'07 (Discontinued)

SKU: KFT.08.287.100

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: The SW-MOTECH Original Style Quick-Lock Sidecarriers For Kawasaki KLR650 '87-'07 has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

The SW-MOTECH Original Style Quick-Lock Sidecarriers

If you're going out on your next adventure and going to be enjoying some off road abuse, these racks will carry your luggage safely to your destination.  Or if you prefer, take the racks off for a day of local cruising.  SW-MOTECH racks are ideal for the occasional weekend tourer who desires a "stealth" look during the week, as well as the weekday commuter who needs an unencumbered machine for spirited weekend fun. Whatever your needs, the SW-MOTECH racks allow maximum flexibility and convenience.

The unique design of these racks allows them to be removed from the bike in a snap. Another benefit to the Quick-Lock Sidecarriers is that you will not need any special tools, just open 3-4 quick release fasteners on each side.

These sidecarriers are designed to have a narrow profile, and are black powder-coated for a durable and stylish looking finish. They are compatible with luggage cases from GIVI (Monokey system), TraX ALU-BOX, Pelican, Micatech V2, Kappa, Shad, Hepco-Becker, Krauser, and more. Adapter kits are sold separately. 

When the racks are removed only 3-4 small mounting tabs remain visible on either side of the bike.  These mounting tabs are almost invisible, preserving the original visual appearance and size of your motorcycle. Required luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately. In addition, optional key locks (sold separately) are available to lock the racks to the bike, with the key unlocking a pair of special quick-release fasteners which secure the racks on each side. The Quick-Lock racks are made of flat steel which presents the narrowest possible lateral profile. Bolt-on installation -- no cutting or welding of motorcycle frame or bodywork is necessary. Racks are designed to work with original equipment manufacturer components -- fender, exhaust, etc.

Note: Fastening Kits are not required to mount these sideracks to your motorcycle. The Quick-Lock kits are keyed so you can take them on and off and have them locked when they are on your bike. The Hardbolt Kit is used if you don't want to take your sideracks off at all, as they are 'hard bolted' to your bike.

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