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R&G Expanding Swingarm Protectors For Harley Davidson Street 500 & 750 ’14-’18

R&G Expanding Swingarm Protectors For Harley Davidson Street 500 & 750 ’14-’18


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R&G Rear Axle Sliders Protectors For Harley Davidson Street 500 & 750

Let this set of swingarm protectors prevent damage incurred from a drop, slide or crash. These two pucks not only help keep the vital rear brake caliper, disc, rear sprocket and swingarm up and off the ground, they take the brunt of the impact and actually help slow your motorcycle in the event of a skid. These little beauties could end up saving you a decent chunk of change.

These stylish looking rear axle protectors install easily by expanding into year rear spindle using a high quality bolt and nut configuration that establishes a secure fit. The protective pieces are specifically designed for your Harley Davidson Street 500 & 750, and suit it to a “T” with the revolver inspired form. R&G finishes this protective set in a dual toned anodized coating for a sweet looking and durable product.

If you are looking to provide your forks with the same level of protection, you can grab a set of RG.FP0179MC R&G Fork Protectors here.


  • Durable and replaceable high-density nylon bobbins
  • Dual tone anodized finish
  • Rear spindle placement
  • Easy installation thanks to the expanding part of the protector to ensure a snug fit
  • High-tensile steel bolts are de-embrittled to bend rather than snap upon impact
  • Prevents motorcycle from tipping over in soft ground
  • Helps protect swingarm, rear brake and drive sprocket in event of drop or crash
  • Specifically designed for the Harley Davidson Street 500 and 750

What’s In The Box:

  • Left and right side puck
  • Installation instructions

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