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Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control for Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L '16 with Barkbuster Handguards

Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control for Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L '16 with Barkbuster Handguards


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The Kaoko throttle lock cruise control for Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L '16 with Barkbusters handguards is designed to offer improved throttle control and hands free operation. Smooth out the demand for power on bumpy roads by adding some tension to the go-grip to decrease unintended inputs. This throttle lock significantly improves comfort and reduces strain on long rides by allowing you to relax and even completely remove your right hand from the grip to move and stretch. Reduced fatigue is experienced from the rider's right hand, all the way up the forearm, shoulder, and upper back resulting in a more comfortable ride with no need to stop and stretch between fill ups. Using the Kaoko is very intuitive and can be set by rolling it back with the throttle. The simple design of this unit permits an important safety feature that allows the throttle to be closed by simply rolling forward at any time. Enjoy the freedom and comfort of cruise control on your Africa Twin with Barkbusters handguards and install the KBB310 throttle lock from Kaoko!


  • Designed for use with Barkbusters handguards on the Africa Twin
  • Holds throttle tube in desired position to maintain RPM/speed
  • Easy & intuitive engagement even with heavy gloves
  • Helps to improve gas mileage when in cruise control 
  • Built in natural safety feature allows throttle to be rolled forward at any time
  • Adds tension to the throttle tube to smooth input on bumpy roads
  • Lock the throttle for completely hands free riding
  • Provides relief on long rides and improves comfort 
  • Reduces upper body fatigue & strain on hands, wrists, arms and shoulders
  • Decreases wear and tear on controls
  • Simple & easy to install with Barkbusters handguards

What's in the box:

  • KAO.KBB310 Kaoko Throttle Control
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

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