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TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips for Kawasaki Versys 650 '10-'14 | 5 Piece Kit

TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips for Kawasaki Versys 650 '10-'14 | 5 Piece Kit

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The TechSpec Gripster tank grips for Kawasaki Versys 650 '10-'14 5 piece kit significantly improves the riders connection with the motorcycle resulting in enhanced control, confidence and comfort. Low profile synthetic rubber pads are shaped to fit the natural lines and contours of the bodywork and one center pad is included to defend the finish from zippers, buttons and belt buckles. These essential Gripster tank grips keep the rider from sliding on the tank and assist in maintaining body position during acceleration, braking cornering and cruising. Enjoy reduced pressure and fatigue on your hands, wrists and shoulders with the ability to support yourself using your legs.

Choose from three different high traction Gripster material options to suit your preference. High Fusion is the lowest profile pad with a rough texture in a durable synthetic rubber blend. C3 is a great option for comfort as the pads are slightly thicker, soft and vibration absorbing. Snake Skin is the TechSpec flagship texture with a diamond pattern that uses multiple biting edges for superior grip! Once all wax and protectants have been removed from the finish installation is easy, simply peel and stick. Add these TechSpec Gripster tank grips to your Versys and improve overall riding satisfaction and control!


  • 5 piece kit designed specifically for Versys 650
  • Left and right side features upper and lower grips
  • Cut to fit the shape and contour of the tank and lower fuel tank panel
  • Center tank grip pro 84 helps to protect the finish from zipper/button scratches
  • Left & right tank pads significantly improve grip on the  tank & preserve the finish from wear & tear
  • Improved tank grip enhances the riders connection to the motorcycle developing confidence
  • Increased body position control during cornering, braking and acceleration 
  • Promotes proper posture while riding for increased comfort
  • Helps alleviate hand & wrist fatigue by allowing the rider to grip the tank
  • Strong adhesive stays put and is safe on the finish
  • Simple & easy to install

Choose your Material:

High Fusion

  • The lowest profile option at .035" thin
  • Durable synthetic rubber blend
  • High grip rough texture


  • Low profile .1" thick
  • Soft & comfy synthetic rubber
  • Smooth foamy feel that grips
  • Vibration absorbing

Snake Skin

  • Low profile .125" thick
  • Flagship tank pad preferred by aggressive riders & track day enthusiasts
  • "Snake skin" like diamond pattern uses multiple biting edges for maximum grip!

What's in the box:

  • Upper and lower tank grips for left and right side
  • Center tank pad pro 84
  • Installation instructions

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