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Scottoiler Vacuum Damper Assembly (With Filter)

Scottoiler Vacuum Damper Assembly (With Filter)


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The Scottoiler vacuum damper assembly (with filter) is made for the vSystem. This elbow shaped piece of plastic will fit onto the engine, manifold, EVAP, throttle body or carb vacuum take off (location is motorcycle model dependant). The assembly comes complete with a filter that will help stabilize the vacuum and keep the system clean. By damping the vacuum pulses the Scottoiler vSystem will not be affected by subtle pressure fluctuations. This component comes in handy when you are moving the automatic chain oiling system from one motorcycle to another. For hassle free installation, apply a small amount of oil on the SA-0100BL.

The vacuum damper assembly is made of flexible plastic. Over time (like 10+ years) it can harden. If you are moving the kit from one motorbike bike to another, we recommend you replace this part. This component is crucial to get an airtight seal on the engine.


  • Connect safely and securely to the engine vacuum
  • Compatible with Scottoiler vacuum operated vSystems
  • Manufactured using flexible plastic
  • Acheives air tight seal on the engine
  • Filter cleans & safeguards the valve against subtle pressure changes
  • Easy installation
  • Click here model specific for installation guides

What's In The Box:

  • Vacuum damper assembly with filter

Note: This is meant to be purchased as a spare/replacement adaptor only. The SA-0100BL is included in all vSystem kits.

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