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Scottoiler eSystem Check Valve Assembly

Scottoiler eSystem Check Valve Assembly

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The Scottoiler eSystem check valve assembly will keep the oil from moving down along the feed tube when your motorcycle is not moving. This lets the oiling system to operate only while you're riding. Without this necessary component, your electronic automatic chain oiler will be siphoned out of oil thanks to atmospheric pressure.

When installing a Scottoiler system check valve assembly please ensure that it is oriented correctly. There is an arrow marked on the valve to make this easy.

Here's a little tip. To speed up priming the system, remove the check valve assembly and connect the feed tube directly to the reservoir.


  • Key component in the initialization & oil delivery process
  • Ensures eSystem stops when the motorcycle is not moving
  • Replacement part
  • Easy installation
  • Click here for model specific installation guides

What’s In The Box:

  • Scottoiler eSystem check valve assembly

Note: This is meant to be purchased as spare/replacement adaptor only. The SCT.SA-0735BL is included with the Scottoiler eSystem.

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