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Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control For Moto Guzzi V7 II Racer America '16 With Original Bar End Mirrors

Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control For Moto Guzzi V7 II Racer America '16 With Original Bar End Mirrors


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By adding a Kaoko throttle lock cruise control to your Moto Guzzi V7 II Racer America you will be able to ride longer with less discomfort. The simple yet ingenious design consists of a friction nut and a motorcycle specific Kaoko bar end weight. This device enables safe and easy cruising by simply rolling back the locking mechanism with the grip. The smooth engagement of the throttle lock will effortlessly hold engine rpm steady letting your right hand rest and providing smoother riding on bumpy terrain. In case you need to stop quickly, the Kaoko can be disengaged by rolling forward on the throttle grip with or without the throttle lock. Gain more miles and alleviate hand and wrist pain while also reducing fatigue with the Kaoko throttle lock.

Why You Should Have a Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control



  • Made specifically for the Moto Guzzi V7 II Racer America with the original bar end mirrors
  • Enhanced throttle control
  • Design of Kaoko’s bar end weight closely matches style & weight of your original weight
  • Fluid & intuitive engagement with adjustable tension
  • Fail-safe feature allows throttle to close while locked
  • Increased safety & smoothness on bumpy roads 
  • Improved long distance comfort
  • Decreased wear on throttle linkages & springs
  • Works well with gloves
  • Improves fuel consumption
  • Reduces hand, wrist, arm & overall fatigue
  • Simple and easy to install with no permanent modifications

What's In The Box:

  • Kaoko GUZ115 throttle lock cruise control
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
Kaoko Cruise Control

Note: Kaoko Safety Warning: The Kaoko Cruise Control is an aftermarket accessory. Any misunderstood, abused or incorrectly installed motorcycle accessory is a safety hazard that could cause injury or death. It’s the rider’s responsibility to understand the operation and purpose for which the Kaoko Cruise Control is designed, namely, for cruising, only when safe to do so. At all other times, the control should be disengaged. The Kaoko Cruise Controls are to be used only by experienced and responsible riders.

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