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SW-MOTECH Handlebar riser barbacks for KTM 950 Adventure, 990 Adventure, 990SMT & 1290 Super Duke GT '17 | 30mm Rise & 22mm Back

SW-MOTECH Handlebar riser barbacks for KTM 950 Adventure, 990 Adventure, 990SMT & 1290 Super Duke GT '17 | 30mm Rise & 22mm Back

SKU: LEH.00.039.20000

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Provides a more upright, comfortable riding position by raising and retracting the original 28mm diameter tubular handlebar. No need to replace your handlebars - simply remove the original top clamp, place the riser between the handlebar and original bottom clamp, and install the replacement top clamp using included hardware. Barbacks increase handlebar height by 30mm (1.25") and move them back 22mm (1.0"), producing an overall handlebar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the original position.

When installed, there may be a slight gap between the bar riser and the top clamp. This gap allows the top clamps to be torque-tightened onto the bar riser to prevent the bar from spinning.

No change of control cables, wiring, or hoses is required for most motorcycle models, HOWEVER: Barbacks offer significant additional displacement of the handlebars and are more likely to require modification of cable/wiring/hose slack after installation than are standard handlebar risers.

The installer should always check for adequate cable/wiring/hose slack after installing any handlebar riser!

Simply put, the amount of cable slack varies on factory bikes even within a single model and year due to slight differences in the way the lines/cables are routed through the bike. While 99.9% of all bikes will not need adjustment of cables to install handlebar risers, you should ALWAYS check for adequate slack after installation.

Available in powdercoated silver (s) or black (b).

Please follow all Torque Specifications to the letter Failure to do this will void warranty.

KTM LC8 Adventure 950.

If your handlebar mounts don't look similar to those pictured on this page, please contact us before ordering to confirm that the item will fit your bike.

While installation of these barbacks is possible on many bikes, such installation sometimes requires rerouting or extending the original hoses or cables.

This riser will fit your bike if:

(1) Your bar mounts are symmetrical and parallel
(2) Your bars have a 28mm outer diameter
(3) You have two M8 (8mm-diameter holes with standard M8 thread pitch) threaded holes in each of your two bar mounts
(4) The distance between the two holes in a single bar mount is 30-37mm on center. The distance between the two bar mounts is not a factor.

Kit includes:
- barbacks (1 pair)
- top clamps (1 pair)
- four M8x30 screws
- four M8x20 screws .

Please follow all Torque Specifications to the letter Failure to do this will void warranty.


  • 950 Adventure '03-'06
  • 990 Adventure '06-'13
  • 990SMT '08-'13
  • 1290 Super Duke GT '17

Handlebar Barback Riser Application Chart

Aprilia  Barback Riser  Notes
Pegaso 650 '05-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
Pegaso 650 Factory '91-'99  LEH.00.039.152  
RSV1000 Tuono '02-'04  LEH.00.039.152  
BMW  Barback Riser  Notes
F650 Funduro '93-'00  LEH.00.039.152  
F650CS Scarver '02-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
F650GS '03-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
F650GS Dakar '00-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
K75 / C / RT / S  LEH.00.039.152  
F800ST '06-'12  LEH.00.039.152 Temporarily remove front brake cable stay and ties during installation. ABS models require brakeline extension
R80GS / ST '80-'87  LEH.00.039.152  
R100GS / PD  LEH.00.039.152  
K100LT / RS / RT  LEH.00.039.152  
R1100GS '94-'99  LEH.00.039.152  
K1100RS  LEH.00.039.152  
R1150GS '00-'04  LEH.00.039.152 Front brake line extension required
R1150GS Adventure  LEH.00.039.152  
R1150R  LEH.00.039.152  
R1150R Rockster  LEH.00.039.152  
R1200GS '08-'12  LEH.07.039.12200.S  
R1200GS LC '13-'16  LEH.07.039.12601  
R1200GS LC Adventure '14-'16  LEH.07.039.12601  
R1200R '07-'10  LEH.00.039.152  
Ducati  Barback Riser  Notes
Multistrada DS620  LEH.00.039.152  
Multistrada DS1000  LEH.00.039.152  
Honda  Barback Riser  Notes
Varadero XL125V '01-'08  LEH.00.039.152  
CB250 Nighthawk  LEH.00.039.152  
CB450SC Nighthawk  LEH.00.039.152  
CB500 '93-'95  LEH.00.039.152  
CB500S '96-'03  LEH.00.039.152  
CBF500 '04-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
CB550SC Nighthawk  LEH.00.039.152  
CB599 / CB600F Hornet '98-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
CBF600N / S '04-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
CB650SC Nighthawk  LEH.00.039.152  
FMX650 '05-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
SLR650 / FX650 Vigor '96-'99  LEH.00.039.152  
CB700SC Nighthawk  LEH.00.039.152  
CB750SC Nighthawk  LEH.00.039.152  
CB750 Sevenfifity '92-'03  LEH.00.039.152  
Africa Twin XRV750 '90-'03  LEH.00.039.152  
NT700V Deauville '98-'05  LEH.00.039.152 Relocate front brake hose clamp on triple tree down 1.5 inches.
CB900F Hornet '02-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
CBF1000 '06-'09  LEH.00.039.152  
Kawaski  Barback Riser  Notes
Eliminator 125 '01-'09  LEH.00.039.152  
ER-5 '96-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
KLE500 '91-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
ER-6f '06-'08  LEH.00.039.152  
KLR650 '94-'01  LEH.00.039.152  
Versys 1000 '11-'14  LEH.00.039.152  
ZRX1100 '97-'01  LEH.00.039.152  
ZRX1200R '01-'06  LEH.00.039.152 Control cable extensions may be required.
KTM  Barback Riser  Notes
EXC Models  LEH.00.039.152  
640 Adventure '98-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
950 Adventure '03-'06  LEH.00.039.20000  
990 Adventure '06-'13  LEH.00.039.20000  
990SMT '08-'13  LEH.00.039.20000  
1290 Super Duke GT '17  LEH.00.039.20000  
Suzuki  Barback Riser  Notes
DR200SE '08-'13  LEH.00.039.152  
DR-Z400S/E '99-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
GS500E '89-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
GS500F '04-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
GSF600 Bandit '94-'04  LEH.00.039.152  
GSF600 Bandit S '97-'04  LEH.00.039.152  
DL650 V-Strom / XT '04-'16  LEH.00.039.152 ABS models require upper front brake line extension
DR650SE '95-'98  LEH.00.039.152  
DR650SE '08-'17  LEH.00.039.152  
GSF650 Bandit / S '09-'13  LEH.00.039.152  
GSX650F '08-'15  LEH.00.039.152  
SV650 '98-'08  LEH.00.039.152  
SV650 '17  LEH.00.039.152  
GSX750 '97-'03  LEH.00.039.152  
SV1000 '03-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
GSF1200 Bandit / S '00-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
GSF1250 Bandit / S '07-'16  LEH.00.039.152  
GSX1400 '01-'06  LEH.00.039.152  
Triumph  Barback Riser  Notes
Bonneville 800  LEH.00.039.152  
Tiger 900 '93-'99  LEH.00.039.152  
Speed Triple 955 '00-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
Tiger 955i '00-'07  LEH.00.039.152  
Yamaha  Barback Riser  Notes
DT125R '00-'04  LEH.00.039.152  
TDR125 '93-'98  LEH.00.039.152  
MT-03 '16  LEH.00.039.152  
XT660R '04-  LEH.00.039.152  
XT660X '04-  LEH.00.039.152  
XTZ750 Super Tenere '89-'03  LEH.00.039.152  
TDM850 '91-'01  LEH.00.039.152  
TDM900 '01-'09  LEH.00.039.152  
XJ900S Diversion '94-'98  LEH.00.039.152  
FZ1 '05-'09  LEH.00.039.152  
FZ1 Fazer '00-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
FZS1000 Fazer '00-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
BT1100 Bulldog '02-'05  LEH.00.039.152  
XJR1200 '95-'99  LEH.00.039.152  
XJR1300 '98-'09  LEH.00.039.152  

Customer Reviews
Review by tweak89
Love everything about my BMW F800GT, except...the rise/pullback of the stock risers. It's a little to much towards the sport side for what is touted as more of a tourer.

These were cake to install. Simply remove the stock riser "caps" and replace with these. Installation of the risers took all of ten minutes. One word of advice, specific to F800GT owners, you will need to re-route your throttle cable behind the triple tree. At full lock the throttle cable will actually engage. Also, in their infinite wisdom BMW re-designed the brake lines and how they attach. Instead of user friendly parts, they now have "hard wired" cables where there used to be straight shots or "Y" junctions. All that being said, you will have to unfasten the two blocks that are attached to the lower triple clamp to free up the brake line that runs from your bar to the ABS module. You can leave it free or fashion small extension bracket like I did (see photo). If you do not do this, the brake line will be under a bit of tension, which could potentially cause issues.

Now, back to the risers themselves, while 1" rise and 1.25" pullback doesn't sound like much, it's a huge difference in ride comfort. No more wrist fatigue on long rides! The other plus, IMO, is the looks of the risers. Most available for my bike are functional, but not visually appealing. I love that these look like they belong on the bike!

Highly recommended. (Posted on 7/31/2015)
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