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GIVI PL351 Tubular Side Case Racks for Yamaha FZ6 '04-'06

GIVI PL351 Tubular Side Case Racks for Yamaha FZ6 '04-'06

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The GIVI PL351 Tubular Side Case Racks are designed to provide a more unobtrusive mounting solution for the GIVI Monokey side cases. These side racks are custom designed for select individual motorcycle models. The sleek design and integrated look help to maintain the narrowest possible profile for your motorcycle with the side cases mounted while keeping a simple and clean look after the side cases are removed. Although no extra mounting hardware is required, these side racks cannot be readily transferred from one bike model to another. The holder allows the mounting of an upper plate through new supporting fins or top luggage rack (sold separately from holder).

Typically installs quickly using simple hand tools. Mounts standard Givi Monokey side luggage cases, such as the E21 Cruiser, E36 Elegant, E360 Delux, or E41 Keyless cases. No welding or cutting of existing frame or body parts required. These racks usually require relocation of the turn indicators using included brackets on motorcycles with stalk-mounted rear turn signals. Tough black enamel finish.

The PL351 cannot be attached to the bike without first installing the top carrier or the optional fitting kit (each sold separately).

Bill Homberg, an FZ6 owner, wrote to us June 1, 2005:

I have the Givi E21 bags (matte black finish) installed on a 2004 Yamaha FZ6 using the Givi PL351 tubular side racks. In order to install the PL351 sideracks, one must also install the Givi 351Kit (siderack mounting kit) or the Givi FZ351 toprack.

Even with little mechanical know-how, I would venture to say anyone could put these frames on. You just need a few metric wrenches/sockets and
screwdrivers. The directions are reasonably clear as to what needs to happen and how the attachments are to be made. One thing I'd like to point out is if you are using the stock turn signals, you will need to relocate them when installing the GIVI sidecarriers; however, I think the adapters they provide don't do justice to the appearance of the bike. I had already installed a Competition Werkes fender eliminator kit that comes with Lockhart Phillips short stalk signals (model VI). With these on, you do not need to move the turn signals to put the frames/bags on, as they are already small enough to fit inside the area the
sidecases occupy (see picture). You could do both modifications at the same time, or have the eliminator already in place as I did, and just skip
the part of the directions that tell you to remove the stock signals. I hope this helps!

Bill's photos of his Yamaha FZ6 with the E21 cases, PL351 racks, and 351Kit mounting hardware are featured on this webpage.

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