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Denali D1 LED Lighting Single Pod with 'Euro' Driving Beam Lens

Denali D1 LED Lighting Single Pod with 'Euro' Driving Beam Lens


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Twisted Throttle is proud to present Denali LED Lighting. The compact 2”-square lamps house ultra-bright LED's with an incredibly low draw of 0.75 amps each. A two lamp kit provides similar light output as dual 55-watt halogen kits on the market. This single Denali LED Pod has a positive and negative pigtail and comes with a single 'Euro' driving beam lens installed.

Denali LED lighting uses 10 watt LED technology. Each pod produces 900 lumens, making them the most efficient off-road lamp on the market. Unlike HID's which require a warm-up time, LED's are on at the flick of a switch!

The Denali LED's are housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing for optimum durability and heat dissipation. The housings are IP68 (ingress protection) rated so that they're impenetrable to dust and submersible under water up to 3 meters. The unbreakable polycarbonate lenses are housed by a 6061 aluminum face plate which doubles as a radiant heat sink to melt away snow and ice in frigid conditions. The Denali LED's have been subjected to a 14Grms vibration test to ensure their performance in high impact conditions.

Each pod housing features a 4-sided channel design that allows you to interlink multiple pods together in a row. This also allows for attachment of the various mounting hardware for flush mounting, bar mounts, and even helmet mounts.

Denali LED lighting uses a very pure, white light which runs at a brightness of about 5,000 Kelvin (K). Factory HID lighting usually runs at 4,200K, and aftermarket HID lighting can be anywhere from 6,000K up to 10,000K. However, at 6,000K and higher, blue light is introduced to the spectrum, and you lose distance, or penetration, that the beam can travel. Since the Denali LED lights keep the color temperature under 6,000K, we maximize brightness without losing distance. This makes them an ideal driving light!

Here's a table comparing some common auxiliary lighting options with the Denali LED kit:

<tr > Denali LED LightingHID lightsHalogen bulbs<tr >Total Lumens9003500850

Light Output Per Watt (Lumens) 90 100 15 Light Output Per Amp (Lumens) 1200 1200 185 Total Watts 10 35 55 Start Up Draw (Amps) 0.75 4.8 4.6 Running Draw (Amps) 0.75 2.92 4.6 Operating Life Span (Hours) 50,000 2,500 250

Denali LED Lighting vs. Vision-X

Don S. from Ohio liked the Denali lights so much he sent us a video of them mounted on his 2008 Kawasaki KLR650e using the Twisted Throttle fairing mount brackets and said "I just wanted the share this: I made a quick video for a few guys on It is a simple demonstration of the Denali lights I bought from you. I compared them in a dark garage to the stock low and high beam."

*This D1 LED light pod CANNOT be plugged into the D2 LED lighting harness.

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