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R&G Plug 'n Play Micro Indicators turn signals (Incandescent 10 watt)

R&G Plug 'n Play Micro Indicators turn signals (Incandescent 10 watt)


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R&G Plug 'n Play Micro Indicator turn signals (pair). Includes 10 watt incandescent bulbs; replaces original 10 watt or 21 watt incandescent turn signals. Designed to fit the R&G line of "Tidy Tail" fender eliminators.

R&G Micro turn signals include 2 sets of lenses:
  • White
  • Amber

These turn signals are not for use on bikes with original LED turn signals. Use RG.RG371 LED turn signals instead on such bikes.

Install without a resistor if replacing original 10 watt incandescent turn signals.

Install with resistor RG.RGR0002 (sold separately) if replacing original 21 watt turn signals with R&G 10 watt incandescent Micro Indicators.

Installing resistors as listed above keeps your replacement turn signals from flashing too fast or too slow.

These mini turn signals are CE approved and road legal in Europe. Not U.S. DOT approved.

Note: Please note: R&G Racing Micro Indicators are not DOT approved.

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