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SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Side Carriers To Fit Many Side Case Types for BMW F650GS, G650GS & Sertao

SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Side Carriers To Fit Many Side Case Types for BMW F650GS, G650GS & Sertao

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The Quick-Lock EVO carrier is next generation of luggage carrier by SW-MOTECH. Same, great Quick-Lock design, with a more robust, tubular steel rack that has an even more narrow profile than the original sidecarrier! The racks can be removed from the bike in less than 30 seconds without special tools by opening 3 quick-release fasteners on each side.

These black, powder-coated, tubular steel racks are compatible with luggage cases from GIVI (Monokey system), TraX ALU-BOX, Pelican, Micatech V2, Kappa, Shad, Hepco-Becker, Krauser, and more. Luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately.

When the racks are removed, only 3 small mounting tabs remain visible on either side of the bike. These mounting tabs are almost invisible, preserving the original visual appearance and size of your motorcycle. Required luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately. In addition, optional key locks (sold separately) are available to lock the racks to the bike, with the key unlocking a pair of special quick-release fasteners which secure the racks on each side.


  • BMW F650GS 2000-2007
  • BMW F650 GS Dakar 2000-2007
  • BMW G650GS 2011-2015
  • BMW G650GS Sertao 2012-2016

Note: Installation of these sideracks on bikes with US license plate brackets requires the plate bracket reflectors to be bent outwards slightly.

SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Side Carriers

 Richard Reynolds, an F650GS/Dakar owner, wrote to us and said: 

"Received the SW-MOTECH sideracks today; took all of 30 minutes to install. Nice strong unit."

Dave Terry ("dbtcycle" of, had this to say about the SW-MOTECH racks and Givi E360N cases:

"For the F650GS, there is one rear mounting bracket that is installed under the license plate holder. Then, on the left and right sides there are mounting tabs that fit pre-exisiting bolt holes beneath the muffler and the catalytic converter can. A third mounting point is through the removable plastic discs above the muffler and can. The installation instructions are in German, but the diagram is clear enough, it wasn't necessary to read anything. Installation of all the brackets took about an hour. All mounting bolts got a dab of "Blue" threadlock.

The main advantage of the SW-Motech racks is that they can be quickly removed from the permanent mounting tabs via quick-connect cam-like fasteners. So far, the Quick-Lock fasteners have been very secure over about 2,000 miles on pavement. The racks are well-built flat steel and align perfectly with the mounting tabs. There's an optional keyed lock that can be installed on each rack, that I didn't get (but may be nice). If I'm leaving the bike somewhere with luggage installed, I simply run a cable through each bag and through one of the grab handles and lock it so the bags can't be removed without destroying them.

The Givi E360 bags are just wide enough to fit my Arai Quantum full face, but fit a surprising amount of gear. The whole set up has been great for commuting and for two solo camping trips so far. The only downside is that with the E360 bags, the set-up sticks out quite a bit (see the rear view photo in the above link). Other than that I've been very pleased.

The height of the Givi bags is great - just right for my tent and dry bag to not drape over onto the mufflers. The other thing the SW-Motech racks do is give you good anchor points for bungee cords.

I think the system works great. I took a 1,500 backroads solo tour this past October and the sideracks and givi bags were flawless. In my humble opinion the combination of the SW-Motech racks with the Givi bags is the best value out there for your average rider (commuting, weekend riding, moto camping, and the occassional longer tour)."

Puffy P of wrote:
My bike is an '01 BMW F650GSA. I have Hepco & Becker Gobi side bags attached to SW-Motech quick disconect and locking saddlebag mounts. The top case is a Givi E52 with integrated brake lights and gel back pad along with a Givi F639 mount for the F650GS. It's a great setup and my girlfriend thinks it's very comfortable when she rides with me. The top case can hold two full face helmets easily. I do not have an additional pizza box style top case. When the Gobis are removed, the SW Motech mounts can be unlocked and removed as well. When the mounts are removed (which takes less than a minute for both sides), You probably would not even notice the attatchment points. I did plenty of research before buying the luggage and I am very happy with my choice.

Note: Fastening Kits are not required to mount these sideracks to your motorcycle. The Quick-Lock kits are keyed so you can take them on and off and have them locked when they are on your bike. The Hardbolt Kit is used if you don't want to take your sideracks off at all, as they are 'hard bolted' to your bike.

Manufacturer # KFT.07.094.20000/B

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Review by Releek
I happy with this product but instillation takes two people, the hole do not line up. (Posted on 3/3/2016)
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