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SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection EVO Locking Kit. Locking Pin / Motorcycle Zipper Lock

SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection EVO Locking Kit. Locking Pin / Motorcycle Zipper Lock

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This security pin and cable prevents bag removal and the combination zipper lock secures your contents. Used with any SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection QUICK-LOCK Tankbag.

Mount the bag onto the tankring and insert the security pin into the hole, located in the tankbag's base, to prevent the bag from being removed from the tankring. Use the cable to loop around a secure part of the motorcycle (such as the handlebars) as a secondary source of security, and then secure the zippers using the combination lock.

Requires drilling a small hole in the bottom of the tankbag using the provided template and the supplied 5.5mm drill bit.

Once you’ve installed the Tankring, attaching your tankbag is easy!

QUICK-LOCK Tankbag attachment instructions:
Step 1: Position tankbag directly over tankring. Step 2: Press down on tankbag, locking it into position.

Detach the tankbag with one hand in one second!

QUICK-LOCK Tankbag detachment instructions:
Step 1: Pull cord to release locking mechanism. Step 2: Lift bag up.

Note: If you already own an SW-MOTECH tankring or tankbag please ensure it is an EVO style ring prior to making this purchase. The EVO and original style rings are incompatible and cannot be combined. A description of the differences between both tankrings can be found in the attached file. If you have an original style tankring or topring and would like to purchase a compatible ring please call us at (855) 255 5550.

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