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Dealer Policies

Standard levels of service:

    • Same day shipping for in-stock small package orders received by 3:00PM EST; next-day shipping for in-stock orders received later.
    • Next day shipping for in-stock freight orders received by 3:00PM EST
    • Dealer service center calls responded to same day if received before 5:00PM EST, Monday - Friday
    • Dealer emails responded to within 1 business day, Monday - Friday
    • Warranty coverage requests, once complete, resolved within 3 business days
    • Tech support and stock status available all business hours via general call center (Monday - Saturday)


Minimum initial order

A minimum $750 initial wholesale order applies for new dealers. Dealers carrying only the NoNoise brand can open an account for that brand only with purchase of 18 pairs of earplugs.

There is no minimum order size for subsequent orders.

If you simply wish to get one or two items for personal use, please ask your dealer rep about a Pro Deal instead of submitting a dealer application. You'll get the same pricing, but it'll save both you and us a lot of paperwork.

Becoming listed on Twisted Throttle's Find a Dealer page

Dealers will be added to our Find a Dealer page once their total combined calendar year purchases exceed $4000 wholesale. Dealerships with annual purchases below this threshold in subsequent years may be removed from the Find a Dealer page. 

Shipping Policy

Click here to view our Shipping Policy

Shipping to Canada


Dealer orders placed for shipment to Canada via TwistedThrottle.ca are filled from our Canadian warehouse in New Dundee, Ontario. Orders shipped from this warehouse are billed in Canadian dollars and are not subject to cross-border clearance or duty fees. Normal provincial taxes (GST) apply. What you pay Twisted Throttle is your "landed cost" total; no other fees will apply.


Dealer orders placed via TwistedThrottle.com are filled from our Exeter, Rhode Island warehouse. These are billed in USD and subject to all cross border fees (clearance fees, duty, GST, PST); these fees are NOT collected by Twisted Throttle and are billed by the shipping carrier upon receipt.

Please contact us via email or phone with any questions about dealer orders placed to TwistedThrottle.ca prior to our fulfillment switchover on May 5, 2014.

Return Policy

Dealers may return any current MAP-protected item for 100% credit of the original purchase up to 60 days from the original ship date. Original shipping charges are not refundable. The dealer must cover the cost of return shipping to Twisted Throttle. Discontinued items are not eligible for return. All returned items must be in new, unused condition with all parts and packaging as determined at the sole discretion of Twisted Throttle.

Returns must be sent to the warehouse they originated from. Items originally shipped from the USA must be returned to the USA warehouse; items shipped from Canada must be returned to our Canadian location.

Click here to view our full Return Policy

Stock Rotation Policy

Dealers may exchange any current MAP-protected items shipped 61 days to 1 year (365 days) ago for 100% credit of the original purchase. An offsetting order must be submitted at the time the exchange is authorized (see the Return Policy to obtain a Return Authorization). Original shipping charges cannot be refunded. The dealer must cover the cost of return shipping to Twisted Throttle. Discontinued items are not eligible for exchange. All exchanged items must be in new, unused condition with all parts and packaging as determined at the sole discretion of Twisted Throttle. The maximum allowable returns and exchanges per customer under this stock rotation policy for purchases in any calendar year is limited to the greater of 1.5% of purchases in that year or $5,000.

Warranty Policy

For products that Twisted Throttle manufactures or exclusively distributes within North America, Twisted Throttle directly services all warranty claims.The warranty period is typically two years from the date of purchase; however, this varies by manufacturer.To file a warranty claim, send an email to warranty@twistedthrottle.com with the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • SKU
  • Order number and date (if available)
  • Description of the problem
  • Photos of the problem

We will respond within 1 business day and attempt to resolve all requests within 3 business days.

Data Usage Policy

Dealers may use any data contained in Twisted Throttle's product data feed to populate their web or print marketing materials. This data feed contains short titles, part numbers, links to official photos and installation instructions, product brands, weights, and most other data necessary for a dealer to easily populate their dealer management system (DMS) or website. If you need data that is not present in the current feed, please contact your dealer representative and ask us to add it.

Data that is not present in this data feed may not be copied, linked to, "scraped" or otherwise electronically extracted from Twisted Throttle LLC's websites for use in databases or websites not owned and operated by Twisted Throttle LLC. Such data includes, but is not limited to, TwistedThrottle.com and microsite category structures, databases, html code, user-submitted or company authored text, image and video content, and unique product titles and descriptions.

Watermarked images may not be cropped to remove watermarks or branding. Videos may not be edited or utilized in whole or in part in new works; however, the original videos in the Twisted Throttle YouTube channel may be embedded in dealer websites using a standard YouTube embed link that refers to Twisted Throttle's YouTube Channel. Extracting copyrighted original videos from TwistedThrottle.com, YouTube, or other video sharing sites and reposting them to other YouTube "Channels" or websites is prohibited.

Dealer usage of disallowed data, or misuse of images and video, will result in the immediate and permanent revocation of dealer status and possible suit for copyright and trademark infringement.


Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP") Policy

1. Minimum Advertised Price The MAP is defined as TTL’s current manufacturer’s suggested price (shown as “Our Price” on the twistedthrottle.com website). The current MAP for each product in our range can be found by visiting the TwistedThrottle.com e-commerce store at any time, or by downloading a complete MAP pricelist (csv text file format) from the following URL: https://dealer.twistedthrottle.com/ui/inventory.php

2. Scope of Policy This policy prohibits all Dealers of TTL products from advertising at below the MAP. Further, the policy applies to advertising of all TTL Products by Dealers in any external media including, but not limited to radio, television, internet websites, forums, and/or auction sites, email, and print in any form, such as direct mailings, catalogs, price lists, flyers, group faxing, group emailing, and tradeshow signs and brochures. This policy applies strictly to advertised prices and will not in any way restrict the Dealer’s ability to determine its own resale prices. The policy is not intended to prohibit any Dealer from providing below MAP quotations on an individual basis in response to a specific request for quotation by an individual customer; provided such response is not automated and is given by person-to-person communication. The phrase “Call for Price” may be used to alert potential customers that the actual selling price differs from MAP. Phrases such as “We offer the Best Prices”, “We’ll Beat any Offer”, “No Reasonable Offer Refused”, “Prices Slashed”, “The Cheapest Prices Available”, “Price Too Low to Print”, “New Low Price” or other phrases similar in wording, tone, or intent, are not permitted in any advertisement medium. The following practices will also be treated as violations of the policy, on the basis that they violate the spirit of the policy:

(A) Use of any rebate, discount, coupon, promotion, giveaway, loyalty program or incentive in any advertising by a Dealer where the cumulative effect is to reduce the advertised price of any TTL Product below its MAP.

(B) The use of “click on” or “click through” buttons on a website, or any similar buttons, group discount systems, keyed discount codes, or automated price quotation transmission feature to provide automatic price quotations at below the MAP for any TTL Product.

3. Administration of MAP Policy This policy will be administered and enforced unilaterally by TTL. Upon issuance of a price update by TTL, Dealer will have a grace period of 15 days to adjust all prices to the new MAP.

4. Violation of MAP Policy Upon first violation, TTL will issue a notice of violation to the dealer and will give the Dealer an opportunity to remove from publication (including Internet) any price advertising that violates this policy. Such advertising must be removed within 5 days of receiving notice from TTL to do so. Upon a second violation, a second written notice will be issued, and the dealer’s right to purchase TTL products will automatically be suspended for a period of 60 days from the date of the second notice. Upon a third violation, a third written notice will be issued, and the dealer’s right to purchase TTL products will automatically be terminated. Separate violations will be deemed to have occurred if a violation continues after TTL has issued a notice of violation to the dealer.

5. Current Products Only This policy shall apply only to current products and shall not apply to any non-current, close-out, or discontinued TTL Products. All TTL Products shall be deemed “current products” unless specifically described as “discontinued” on TTL’s website or in official written materials from TTL.

6. Amendments TTL reserves the right to amend this policy and/or its minimum advertised prices at any time. Dealers are responsible for observing the current version of this policy as published on this website.

7. Holiday Sales Twisted Throttle may, from time to time, authorize "MAP Holiday" sales in which specific brands or items may be put on sale at a specific discount below regular MAP price for specific limited time periods. MAP Holidays will be announced to dealers in writing. Violation of the written terms of any MAP Holiday will be treated as a MAP Violation.


Dealer makes the representations, warranties, and agreements set forth below:

  • Products Acquired for Resale. Dealer will acquire TTL Products solely for resale to end-user customers from Dealer’s locations. Dealer is not acquiring TTL Products for sale to any other entity or to any person who Dealer knows or has reason to believe intends to resell such TTL Products.
  • Products for Domestic Sale Only. Dealer will only sell products within the country listed as the Dealer’s location on this dealer application. Dealer agrees to not ship or export any item acquired from TTL to any destination outside of this country.
  • Product Information. Dealer agrees that it will provide their customers with all installation instructions and packaging TTL includes with the products.
  • Labeling. Dealer will not alter or remove any labeling or stickers, and will not replace the logos provided by the TTL Product manufacturer or otherwise rebrand TTL Products.
  • Alteration and Reproduction. Dealer is on notice that TTL product designs are protected by design patents and copyrights. Dealer will not alter, modify, reverse engineer, or reproduce TTL products. Such activities by Dealer will result in legal action by TTL and permanent revocation of Dealer status.
  • Trademarks. Dealer agrees that it will use TTL’s trademarks solely in and for the responsible advertising and sale of TTL Products.
  • Contact Information. Dealer agrees that it will publicly list its business telephone number, fax number, email address, and physical address on its website so that retail customers can easily contact the dealer during regular business hours. Dealer status make be revoked if this information is not published or TTL receives frequent complaints that the dealer is unreachable.
  • Identity. Dealer agrees that it will not refer to itself as a "distributor" or "partner" of Twisted Throttle, nor will it imply any other relationship than that of a dealer or retailer of products distributed by Twisted Throttle.