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Scratch & Dent

Scratch-and-Dent and Closeout Item List

Scratch-and-dent items are reduced in price due to cosmetic defects (usually light scratches indicating the item was dropped in transit or test fitted to a motorcycle). We guarantee that all scratch-n-dent items are fully functional and include all parts. Scratch-and-dent items have a brief explanation of the reason for discount in the description. Scratch-and-dent items can only be returned if functionally defective; returns are not accepted for cosmetic reasons. Scratch-and-dent items are priced to dealers at 35% off the discounted retail price shown in the list below.

Closeout items are discounted discontinued items in new, unblemished condition. No returns are accepted on these items.

Quantities are limited. When Scratch-and-Dent and Closeout items are sold, the items are removed from this webpage as quickly as possible. In the event that you attempt to purchase any item that is no longer available but still listed, you will NOT be offered a new item at the discounted price.

Purchase Scratch-and-Dent and Closeout items by calling or emailing your dealer rep; these items cannot be sold via our shopping cart. Reference the Scratch-and-Dent (SND) item number when you call.