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Twisted Throttle's distributor warranty covers all products we sell for 2 years from the original date of end-user purchase, regardless of whether the manufacturer warranty is shorter. Proof of purchase from an authorized dealer is required. Sell with confidence; we'll take care of your customer.

Brands for which Twisted Throttle administers warranty claims in North America

Claims within 60 days of retail customer purchase
Typically, within this period, the customer is having initial installation or manufacturing defect problems (missing part, DOA, etc.) or may have purchased the wrong item from the dealer. Warranty resolutions for new items that don't meet the customer's needs include return, exchange, repair or replacement. A return or exchange may be necessary through the dealer; therefore, Twisted Throttle prefers to communicate solely with the dealer and help the dealer address the issue with the retail customer within that period. That said, the dealer can, at its option, refer the customer to us for technical assistance as discussed below.

Claims more than 60 days after retail customer purchase
Typically, within this period, the item has been successfully installed and has failed during use. Warranty coverage of used items is limited to replacement or repair (not return or exchange). The dealer should refer the customer to Twisted Throttle. Twisted Throttle will then handle any warranty replacements directly with the customer.
How to refer a retail warranty claim to Twisted Throttle

If the dealer wishes to refer the retail customer to Twisted Throttle for technical assistance, we can give the retail customer the best experience if:
  • The dealer emails the following information to dealers@twistedthrottle.com:
    • Your dealer name or dealer ID
    • Proof of purchase, including date of sale
    • SKUs purchased
    • Make, model and year of customer's motorcycle
    • Any information you have on what seems to be the problem, including photos
    • Customer's name, email address, phone number and shipping address
  • The dealer has a quick chat with us prior to referring the customer to us and after emailing the above information
We will copy the dealer on all email communication with the retail customer, including tracking numbers of any items shipped. If a return, exchange, or additional item is required to resolve the customer's issue, we will contact the dealer to discuss resolution options prior to committing the dealer to a specific course of action.