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Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn

SKU: TT-SB.10000.B

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LOUD! Stylish! Rugged!

Producing an earsplitting 120 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb is 4 times louder than a standard motorcycle horn! The Denali™ SoundBomb was designed for those who want to be heard, but still want to maintain a stylish look. Thanks to its compact design and blacked-out housing, the SoundBomb will practically disappear once installed.

The unique design of the Denali compact horn features a rugged molded clamp that mechanically mates the compressor to the acoustic unit. This makes the SoundBomb virtually indestructible even in high vibration applications. Compatible with all CANbus electrical systems.


  • Sound Output: 120 dB at 3 feet 
  • Current Draw: 20 Amp 
  • Dimensions: 5.4” (137mm) wide x 4.5” (116mm) high x 3.6” (86 mm) deep 
  • Stylish All Black Design
  • CANbus compatible


  • Single Piece Electro-Pneumatic Horn 
  • 12 volt, 30 amp relay
Bike specific mounting bracket and wiring harness sold separately.


Check out our Horn Mounting Tutorials page for helpful hints on how to install your product!!!

*Please Note: All necessary mounting hardware is included with the horn to mount to an existing M8 thru hole. For some motorcycle models bike-specific mounting brackets are available.

Fitment note: Installation on the KTM 1190 RC8 is possible but upon activation of the horn, a momentary "General failure" light flashes only while the horn button is pressed. We are working on a solution, please enjoy your horn in the meantime.

Horn Mounting Application Chart


SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
F650GS '10-'15  HMT.07.10200    
F650GS Dakar '00-'03  HMT.07.10200    
F650GS Dakar '04-'07  HMT.07.10200    
F800GS & GSA '13-'15  HMT.07.10200    
G650GS '09- '16  HMT.07.10200    
R1200GS LC '13-'16  HMT.07.10100    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Multistrada 1200 & 1200S '10-'14 HMT.22.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Sportster Iron 883 '03-'15 HMT.23.10000    
Sportster Super Low '03-'15 HMT.23.10000    
CVO (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '84-'99 HMT.23.10000    
Touring (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '84-'99 HMT.23.10000    
Dyna (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '84-'99 HMT.23.10000    
Softial (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '84-'00 HMT.23.10000    
Sportser (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '86-'15 HMT.23.10000    
Sportster Super Low 1200T '03-'15 HMT.23.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
 CB500F '13-'16 HMT.01.10100    
 NC700X '12-'15 HMT.01.10000    
 ST1100 '90-'02 See Notes For Fitment   SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted to the radiator support inside the right side locking dash compartment
 CBR1100XX '96-'07 See Notes For Fitment:
  SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted using L-Bracket (TWT-00-013-001) to the upper fairing stay 
 ST1300 '02-'15 See Notes For Fitment   SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted under the front upper right hand side fairing

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
KLR 650 '08-'16 TWT.HMT.08.004.100    
Versys 650 '10-'14 HMT.08.10200    
Versus 1000LT '15-'16    LAH.08.10100  
Concours 14/GTR1400 '07-'16 HMT.08.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
 1190 Adventure & 1190 Adventure R '13-'15 HMT.04.10000    
1290 Super Adventure '15 HMT.04.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
 DL650 V-Strom '04-'11 HMT.05.10100    
 DL650 V-Strom '12-'16 HMT.05.10100    
 DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13 HMT.05.10100    
1000 V-Strom '14-'16 HMT.05.10200    
1000 V-Strom Adventure '14-'16 HMT.05.10200    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Tiger 800 '10-'14 HMT.11.10300    
Tiger 800 XC '10-'14 HMT.11.10300    
Tiger 800 XC '15 HMT.11.10300    
Tiger 800 XR '15-'16 HMT.11.10300    
Tiger 800 XRX '15  HMT.11.10300    
Bonneville '07-'16 HMT.11.10500    
Bonneville T100 '07-'16 HMT.11.10500    
Thruxton 900 '04-'16 HMT.11.10500    
Tiger Explorer 1200 '12-'14  HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer ABS '15 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XC ABS '15 HMT.11.10100    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
VMAX '08-'16 See Notes For Fitment:
  SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted using L-Bracket (TWT-00-013-001) behind the radiator on the right hand side
XT1200Z Super Tenere '11-'16 HMT.06.10000    
Warrior '02-'10 See Notes For Fitment:
  SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted using L-Bracket (TWT-00-013-001) to the right hand side factory horn mount


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Customer Reviews
Review by SuperBass71
What more can I say, it works! You'll likely need the harness to wire it up but even both items together are very reasonably priced. One of the best safety upgrades you can do. (Posted on 1/21/16)
Review by Steve
A Christmas present for myself, I like the look of the all black case and I'm looking forward to installing it once the weather is a little warmer. (Posted on 1/21/16)
Review by KevinRLi
I installed this on my Son's Versys 650. I purchased the optional bracket for it which made installing it super easy. Wiring again very easy with the relay. Best of all is it's LOUD!!!!! People take notice of you immediately. When you need to blow your horn you want to be heard. This works very well. I have one on my Consours 14 I installed about 18 months ago and it's still just as loud and working fine. Highly recommended. (Posted on 1/20/16)
Review by GicMan
I wanted the loudest horn I could find and I think this is it! easy to install with the custom bracket from TT (Triumph Explorer) and the wiring kit. My only issue has been getting a proper ground - I've had to connect the wire in 3 different places to finally get a consistent ground. Just a word to the wise if your horn doesn't want to work (Posted on 1/14/16)
Review by JAL
I have owned 3 compact air horns by 3 different brands. Wolo, Stebel and now the Denali. I like the Denali the best. It has a better fit and finish and appears to be just a little bit smaller compared to the others and it's louder too. (Posted on 1/14/16)
Review by racer1735
I received the Denali SoundBomb at Christmas for my Super Tenere (after 'suggesting' it would be appreciated). Received the horn, bike specific mounting bracket as well as the wiring harness. Installation was fairly straightforward, with the only issues being how and where to route the various wires (I like my farkle wiring to be neat). Since I have the SW Motech crashbars, I had to 'rotate' the bracket counterclockwise slightly, so rather than using the provided hole in the bracket, I used the 'notch' that is in the bracket. No problem, though. Once installed, I am very happy with the location, look and most of all, sound of this little unit. It is LOUD! Great addition for safety purposes. (Posted on 1/11/16)
Review by laszlogeller
Extremely easy setup on 2015 Triumph Bonneville.
Looks fantastic as a factory part and of course ear piercing decibel. (Posted on 12/31/15)
Review by guillermo
The product arrived on time, Twisted Throttle is the best !!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 11/29/15)
Review by Stelvio6333
After careful consideration my order was placed with Twisted Throttle for this unit. The only change I needed to make was to extend the positive battery wire on the plug & play wiring kit I also purchased. The sound output is excellent in terms of strength, depth and tone. Friends have commented on how loud the output is which is exactly what I was looking for, being able to be heard in an emergency. (Posted on 10/27/15)
Review by Gxsr1000joe
About this product a month ago and the air horn is exactly as loud as you said I love it. And it was so easy to install - I installed it in my gxsr 1000 made a spot for it to hide it and it's awesome people cut me off and they can hear me honking at them (Posted on 10/17/15)
Review by DeMalta
This thing is crazy loud, watch the Twisted Throttle video product review. No joke this is the loudest horn I have heard on any "normal" vehicle. I am thinking about getting one for my lifted F150, and it would not be out of place. I have "played" with it a bit on the open road away from traffic, you will know if you get in my way. And I used it once in an emergency situation and the auto quickly adjusted course before there was a real problem. If you ride in traffic, must have.
I did buy the specific make/model bike mount bracket, which I suggest. I also purchased the wiring harness, which is not necessary but make it that much easier to install. I'm at a point in life where I don't mind a few bucks to spend less time monkeying with something and more time riding. (Posted on 10/16/15)
Review by TJA
I mounted it on the left crash-bar of my GS, and I left the original horn intact. They sound great together. (Posted on 10/13/15)
Review by Fuzzy
Bought this to replace a Stebil that failed. Much louder. So far so good. (Posted on 9/8/15)
Review by Melissa
I bought my first one over 3 months ago and loved it so much I bought another as a gift for a fellow avid rider. It has personally saved me and my bike from obviously drivers. - Fantastic product, a must have. (Posted on 8/29/15)
Review by MIke
I mounted this horn on my Super Tenere with the designed bracket and it fits great. I have Altrider Crash Bars and it fit without having to remove them or alter the location. The horn is out of the way and being black, it looks great on the bike. I have it connected to my Clearwater lights and between the 120+ decibel sound and the flashing high beams of the lights, the dreaded left hand turn scenario is greatly reduced. Hope it hold up in the Oregon rain. Time will tell. Plan on buying another for my KLR. (Posted on 8/25/15)
Review by Kale420
Watch out, this thing is LOUD!Haven't had the need to use it officially, but in my driveway it's "Very" loud. Like air horn loud ! (Posted on 7/30/15)
Review by mark
The horn is great. A huge improvement over the two little stock road runner meep meeps that I had. The horn and relay were all that came to me in the box....absolutely no instructions at all. Took me a little while to get things wired correctly so I could use my stock horn button, but I'm happy with the results! (Posted on 7/25/15)
Review by Endre
People asking me where I got it. It is sooo loud!!! (Posted on 7/10/15)
Review by moodygs
Great product, in hindsight I would probably buy the version that comes in two parts. Adam at Rocket Moto was super helpful with the elctrical side of things (Posted on 7/7/15)
Review by Superfunkomatic
Bought the Denali Soundbomb compact and then realised there was nowhere to fit it underneath all the plastic tuppaware. Guys at Twisted Throttle were great and agreed to ship the split Denali Sound bomb out to me in Australia instead of the compact unit. The split system is easy to install using the stock wiring loom which I highly recommend you purchase as it makes wiring dead easy. Remove handlebar covers, glovebox' and radiator screen. Zip tie horn to frame on right side opposite the factory fitted horn (note fit rubber tube before mounting the horn body). Mount compressor horizontally alongside aluminium ignition key to steering head fixture using zip ties. You will find that it is a pertfect fit in this location when wiring end is facing rider. Connect tube between compressor and horn and complete wiring to instructions. The split Denali Soundbomb is the perfect fit for a Suzuki Bergman AN 650.and I reccomend it highly. I will never ride with a factory-fitted horn now i have tried this great product. (Posted on 6/16/15)
Review by mrizzari
I bought the horn long with the wiring harness. I had to remove many if the left side fairing and trim work. Wiring harness made quick work of the installation. I have pretty limited experience in wiring but the harness and enclosed instruction made installation pretty easy. (Posted on 6/13/15)
Review by tew47
I have several air horns before, but this one is the best by far. I ordered the mounting bracket and the plug and play wiring. I must say this was the easiest install I have ever had. Did not take fifteen minutes to complete the job. The horn is real loud!!!!! (Posted on 6/8/15)
Review by Finneagan
I bought the Denali horn with the non-plug and play wiring kit. Took about 2 hrs to install but I lifted the tank to run the wiring also. The horn is phenomenal and is a great improvement over stock. I only have a 4 because I'm leery about the horn mounting to the stock mounting clip. Time will tell if this stays put. (Posted on 4/30/15)
Review by Rob
Great durability well constructed fully waterproof,very compact to fit in any location.
Sound its super awesome, very easy to install. relay,mounting bolt & instructions included. (Posted on 3/9/15)
Review by Colvey
Just installed this on my 2014 KLR650. Mounted the supplied relay just next to the original horn. Used the stock horn wiring as the trigger for the relay. Powered from directly off the battery. First time i sounded it i almost fell over. This horn is LOUD! Fits very well and discretely with the bike specific mount i purchased with it. Easy to install if you are competent with basic tools and basic electrical work. (Posted on 3/7/15)
Review by Ray
Bought and installed 2 weeks ago. Fairly easy to follow instructions. Took about an hour once I found a place to mount it. Mounting could be a little better or have more options. (Posted on 2/13/15)
Review by HFW
Wonderful. Shoe horned it under the fairing of my K16GT. Very tight squeeze, but it worked.

Buying one for my Tundra. (Posted on 2/1/15)
Review by pmhrock
I saw this horn at the IMS New York motorcycle show in December, and bought one for my Triumph Bonneville. The directions were easy to follow, the correct wiring components were included, and it sounds great! It was tricky to find a good place to mount the horn, so I had to call Twisted Throttle to get more specific directions - they told me where it was easy to mount, but some bike-specific example photos included in the kit would've been nice. All in all, quite happy with the purchase.
Peter -- Santa Monica, CA (Posted on 1/27/15)
Review by DaveB
After initially mounting the horn in a ridiculous location between the forks of my triumph rocket 3, forgetting the fact that the front wheel goes up and down, and wondering why the mount I had made had been bent out of shape, I finally located the unit of the side of the engine casing safely out of harms way.
the unit is well made, heavier than expected, but with a sturdy home made mount rides nicely and remains in place. I also bought the do it yourself wiring kit which was fine, I just needed to extend the power suppy wire to the horn.
the horn works fine, as yet had no assassins to try it out on, but I know the time will come. (Posted on 1/23/15)
Review by lou
Horn is awesome and crazy loud.great product.all my friends are buying them (Posted on 1/7/15)
Review by BillyBass
great sound, i am no mechanic, but with the wiring harness was able to hook it up and scare my wife with the sound. (Posted on 1/4/15)
Review by Ricamgo
If you're lookin for something that make you more present with the drivers you got to have one of this. Superb loud sound, louder than my car horn. Belive me, this is a big time product. (Posted on 12/8/14)
Review by BigGuy
There are a-lot of things I love about this product. When I first received it from Twisted Throttle, I was very surprised about the weight. I was afraid that since it wasn't excessively heavy, the durability might not be there. I was wrong. I mounted it up, and was unable to detect any significant weight differential after adding the horn. I would not allow the weight to play into your decision making process. Look at the size and mounting position for your specific model of bike. Keep in mind that if you have aftermarket engine guards or crash bars on your bike, there may be an issue with mounting it up as originally designed. I have the SW-MOTECH engine guards on my 2013 Yamaha Super Tenere. I was able to rotate the bracket slightly counter clockwise and shifted the horn slightly up and back enough that it mounted up fine. The volume of this horn is the superstar here. However, the thing that adds to the pure awesomeness of the volume, is the directional factor of the way the horn was manufactured and the mounting position on my Super Tenere. I love that the horn mounted on the right side of the bike, as it is closest to the driver's side of a vehicle, should the driver need to be made aware that they are "driving skills challenged". The sound is projected at a 90 degree angle from my bike. Overall, I think every motorcyclist should consider this product, as it's a "game changer" on the road. You can see my full video review on the Big Guy Reviews Youtube channel. Check it out at: (Posted on 12/2/14)
Review by Ricamgo
If you're lookin for something that make you more present with the drivers you got to have one of this. Superb loud sound, louder than my car horn. Belive me, this is a big time product. (Posted on 11/12/14)
Review by Danoid
I installed this a few weeks ago and it already has saved my life. With so many distractions on the road. This horn will make drivers recognize you and realize you mean business. (Posted on 11/3/14)
Review by solcom20
I got two. Obe for my cruzer and obe for my all terrain bike. Its excelent sound gets you heard even with short horn activations. Worked great in wet rainy conditions (Posted on 9/4/14)
Review by Tony
I wanted a loud horn for safety, and I wanted one that had a harmonious pair of tones, more like a Rolls Royce than an eighteen-wheeler. The Denali Sound Bomb meets my needs exactly. I bought the plug-and-play wiring harness separately. Installation was easy. I mounted the horn on the side of my Ural's sidecar, where it looks right at home. When I blow it, it makes people jump. Very satisfying! (Posted on 8/28/14)
Review by Rtreat49
Vulnerable in tip over unless can be mounted very inboard and not interfere w/front tire (Posted on 8/27/14)
Review by iride4u
A couple of months ago I bought the Denali horn for a KLR after hearing it I will be replacing the Stebel on my K1600GTL and adding one to my Harley. This sucker is loud!!! (Posted on 8/25/14)
Review by Gorman66
I bought this a week ago for my 2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer. I used the recommended relay/wiring kit and the bike specific mount. The directions were straight forward and easy to understand. The bike specific mount is designed to be bolted to the lower right radiator mount. This location won't work if your Explorer has Triumph factory engine crash bars. There simply isn't enough room. After careful examination of all possible mounting locations I mounted the horn to the lower front edge of the engine. I used the original horn bracket, bent it to 90 degrees, and bolted that to a factory drilled hole on the front of the engine. Its solid and after a week of riding on and off road is holding strong. I also installed 1/4" heat shrink tube over the red wire leading from the relay to the positive on the bottom of the horn. The wire is much less visible and the heat shrink tubing adds protection against possible abrasion. I may install some fiberglass insect screen over the horn openings to prevent any debris from entering.
I love the sound of the horn. I wouldn't consider it ear piercing, but it is very loud and cars do hear it in traffic. It has a European sound which I like. Overall quality of the unit is very good. I would definitely recommend it. (Posted on 8/6/14)
Review by DavidC
I was hesitant to install this horn for fear of "scaring people" as opposed to "alerting" them to my presence. My fears were soon alleviated. The horn produces a deep tone that while loud tends to make people think you are a much larger vehicle as opposed to frightening them.
It was really easy to install the horn with the optional Plug and Play Wiring Kit and so far it has proved durable even after being exposed to heavy rain.
I like the horn so much that I even installed one in my pick up truck using the same wiring kit! (Posted on 8/2/14)
Review by dave
I have been through TWO Wolo Bad Boy horns. Both died prematurely. Physically, they are identical to the Wolo horn, but I can tell you this SoundBomb horn is much louder than the Wolo. Time will tell about the durability. (Posted on 7/7/14)
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