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Electrical Connection LED Motorcycle Battery Voltage Monitor (flush mount kit)

SKU: EC.04101

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Proclaimed as an "Innovation of the Month" by Motorcycle Consumer News and the "Smart Idiot Light" by another leading magazine editor, this is the smallest and simplest monitoring device available. It's also more than a light that comes on after it's too late; it's a unique and cost effective voltage indicator.

A 1/4" (T1 3/4) LED displays voltage levels using colors in a stoplight style arrangement: RED - less than 11.5 volts, AMBER - 11.9 to 11.5 volts, and GREEN - 12 volts and up. Fuse protection, wiring, connector assortment and complete instructions are included. Simple 2 wire installation. Remember, GREEN means GO, AMBER is WARNING, RED means STOP! Designed for installation on bikes with a fairing or for custom installation. Drilling a single 1/4-inch hole is required to install the flush-mount LED in any flat surface near your instrument panel.
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