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Factory Store General Manager

Job Title:        Factory Store General Manager (FSGM)
Reports To:   CEO
FLSA Status: Exempt
Department: Factory Store

The FSGM is solely responsible for the profitability and management of the Factory Store’s profit centers, including sales of parts, gear and accessories (PG&A), motorcycle service, motorcycle rental, café, sales of new and used motorcycles, and financing of new and used motorcycles. Duties of the FSGM include hiring/training/inspiring/mentoring/terminating Factory Store staff, developing and executing budgets, sales goals, and marketing plans, and crafting the overall in-store customer experience. The FSGM must be experienced, data-driven, self-motivated, and capable of managing multi-step, cross-departmental projects.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Determine and monitor individual and team goals and KPIs. Find, prioritize, and implement solutions for improved ability to meet those goals.
  • Permanently fix the causal issues of frustrations for customers and staff.
  • Use customer feedback to continually improve our website, products and in-store customer experience by coordinating with marketing team, web content team, customer service team and product development team.
  • Conduct team management activities, including disciplinary actions, annual reviews, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, mentoring, decisions to terminate, and creation of incentive-based compensation plans as necessary to develop a capable team that repeatedly crushes goals and maximizes customer happiness.
  • Develop long term goals and short term assignments for Factory Store staff members.
  • Develop overall Factory Store budgets, sales goals, and marketing plans.
  • Execute local marketing campaigns to drive measurable increases in store foot traffic resulting in new customer acquisition and growth in store revenue.
  • Establish and manage used motorcycle sales and financing operations.
  • Relentlessly tweak the in-store experience to increase visitor conversion rates and average sale values.
  • Management of product selection, merchandising, and turnover rate of store inventory.
  • Drive measurable increases in customer visit frequency, loyalty, retention, conversion rate, and average sale value.
  • Craft an overall customer experience rivaling that of the Apple Store, Crutchfield, REI, and Protech Automotive Services.
  • Inspire others on your team through leading by example and inspiration, not solely through institutional authority.
  • Plan, manage, and execute multi-step, cross-departmental projects.
  • Maintain all administrative and regulatory aspects of motorcycle rental, inspection, sales, finance, and café operations.
  • Speak up. Ask for help when you or you crew need help. Openly tell senior management how something needs to change. Be the push that drives change over the finish line.
  • Create and maintain the Factory Store department operations manual.
  • Oversee preparation of the monthly Factory Store financial statement and financial reports to ensure it is complete, accurate and submitted on time to CEO and Financial Controller.
  • Meet with the CEO and Financial Controller monthly to review departmental forecasts and ensure consistency with annual projections.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Must have strong leadership and organizational skills, the ability to understand profit and loss statements, and the ability to manage a large, diverse staff.
  • High positive energy level
  • Ability and willingness to take responsibility for and make decisions
  • Current Rhode Island motorcycle inspector certification is helpful; successful candidate must obtain this certification within 3 months of date of hire
  • Current Rhode Island Food Service Manager certification is helpful; successful candidate must obtain this certification within 3 months of date of hire
  • Outstanding copy writing skills
  • Oral communication skills
  • Customer relations
  • Customer service
  • Organization
  • Professionalism
  • Project planning and management
  • Time management
  • Basic SQL and Access query editing
  • Basic HTML editing
  • Excel data analysis



  • 5+ years of experience in building retail sales and service teams and creating/implementing scalable training programs for teams of 5 to 10 people.
  • Management experience in a motorcycle dealership environment preferred but not required.
  • Management experience of a cafe' or other food service operation is preferred but not required.
  • Demonstrated expertise in making customers and staff happy.
  • Demonstrated aptitude in creating a positive, memorable customer experience.
  • Ability to use CSV files, Excel files, and Access or SQL tables and queries to analyze data.
  • Extensive motorcycle knowledge, including detailed motorcycle anatomy, ability to perform simple maintenance and accessory installations, ability to identify most of the last 10 years of U.S. motorcycle models on sight, and recent, frequent participation in motorcycling as an adult. In short, you must be a motorcycle nut.
  • 4 year undergraduate degree required, preferably related to business or communications.
  • Fluency in Spanish, French Canadian, and/or German is helpful, but not required.

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