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Givi E101 Brakelight/Stoplight Kit for E350 Topcase

Givi E101 Brakelight/Stoplight Kit for E350 Topcase

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SKU: Givi E101

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Bright incandescent brakelight kit for the Givi E350 Flow topcase. Significantly increase safety and visibility by raising and increasing your bike's brakelight capability. Includes hands-free connector kit which works with all newer (post -'00) Givi-manufactured Monolock topracks (included with the E350 Flow topcase).

Simple installation using pre-molded cutouts on the E350 Flow. Requires some disassembly of the E350 Flow access panels using a screwdriver. Requires tapping existing brakelight wires.

Note: hand-free connector mounts on the base of the topcase and is compatible ONLY with Givi or SW-MOTECH-manufactured topracks. Using this brakelight kit with the Five Stars topracks precludes use of the included hands-free connector. If you still want your top plate to be removable from an SW-MOTECH toprack after installing a brake light kit, you'll also need a brakelight quick-disconnect kit.
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