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Givi E115-F1 Hardware Kit for Wingrack Arm (a.k.a. Givi E115F)

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If you're fabricating your own Givi Monokey siderack and need the specialized Givi Monokey mounting hardware pieces, this is what you need. Includes 1 pyramid clamp, 2 mushroom spacers, rubber bumpers, and standard attachment hardware.

Buy 1 set for each Givi Monokey case you will be attaching to your bike.

Also useful as replacement hardware for Givi Wingracks.

Kit includes:
- 1 pyramid clamp
- 2 attachment screws
- 2 washers
- 4 replacement rubber bumpers
- 2 mushroom spacers
- 2 nylock nuts
- 2 retention bolts for mushroom spacers
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