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Givi Security Key Lock Replacement 3 Lock & Key Set for Trekker Outback, E55 Maxia 3, Trekker 33, 46, & 52, V35, V47, & V46 Cases

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Replace the locks on your Givi Case with the Givi Replacement 3 Lock & Key Set.

Replacement lock set for three cases. Keyed alike. Includes keys, and lock components.

Compatible only with the following Givi Cases

  • Trekker Outback
  • E55 Maxia 3
  • Trekker 33
  • Trekker 46
  • Trekker 52
  • V35
  • V47
  • V46

Note: If replacing red style Givi key lock, Givi Z640R Latch Plate is required for each.

Customer Reviews
Review by PhatS1
I have 3 trekker cases, bought at different times so each had its own key. This set included 3 lock sets all keyed alike, with 6 keys total. I would have given 5 stars but for the lack of directions, and I could not find anything on the web except " it's easy" and "make a diagram of yous before you dismantle". Well it was relatively easy, but no one mentioned the ball bearing that would come flying out! So, here are the steps to follow:
1 - open the case and look on the inside behind the lock mechanism. You will find two Phillips head screws. Remove them and retain for reuse.
2 - on the outside, pull the whole latch mechanism down and out.
3 - put the key in the lock. (BTW when examining your new locksets, do not remove the key unless the tumbler mechanism is in its sleeve. If you do, a piece will fall out of the tumbler and you might lose it)
4 - note how the plastic piece on the end of the old tumble is situated. Take a pic or draw it
5 - TRICKY PART, when you remove the nut and plastic piece as next described, there is a spring loaded ball bearing that will pop out. Look closely and you will see it below the plastic piece. Just go slowly.
6 - use a 10 mm wrench to remove the nut and washer on the end of the old tumbler
6 - pull straight out on the plastic piece, take it off and pull out the old tumbler
7 - assembly is the reverse, the only kinda hard part is keeping the ball in place when you install the plastic piece and the washer and nut. (Posted on 2/3/15)
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