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MFW Vario Passenger Footpeg Mounts for BMW R1100RT, R1100RS, R1100R, R1100GS, R1150GS, R1150RT, R1200RT, R1200GT, R1200GS & R1200GS Adventure


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This MFW bike-specific mount allows you to install MFW adjustable footpegs on your motorcycle. Bike-specific mounts are compatible only with MFW footpegs. Mounts are sold in pairs and are available in silver.

The MFW adjustable footpeg system provides 8 possible positions over a 360 degree range. Adjustability is accomplished through the use of the footpeg mount attached to a displacement arm. Both footpeg mount and displacement arms have an indexed attachment surface for a secure installation. With the mount and displacement arm attached, the footpeg itself is then bolted to the other end of the displacement arm.

What to buy
  1. Footpeg Mount - Sold in pairs.
  2. Displacement Arm  - Displacement arm lengths are sold in pairs, however each length is sold separately — purchase either the 23, 30 or 50mm length.
  3. Footpeg  - Footpegs are sold in pairs, however each style is sold separately — purchase either the “Racing”, "Master Grip” or “Super Grip” style.

  • BMW R1200RT
  • R1150RT
  • R1100RT
  • R1100RS
  • R1100R
  • R1200GS
  • R1150GS
  • R1100GS
  • R1200GS Adventure
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