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MRA X-creen Sport Add-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade (bolt-on and clamp-on hardware included)


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MRA X-Creen Sport Add-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade is an ideal size for small scooters and sportbikes. This spoiler is available to fit most original motorcycle windshields to act as an adjustable wind deflector that will be set to redirect the air flow just the way you want it. Available in clear or light smoke.

If you have a larger bike and would like the taller spoiler blade please order  MRA.XCC  or the MRA.XCA.

This spoiler is height and angle adjustable using double-jointed mounting arms. Using the included hardware, the X-Creen Sport can either be temporarily attached using a removable clamp, or permanently bolted onto your windscreen. Note: Permanent bolt-on hardware requires that the screen be drilled using the included template for installation.

Dimensions: approximately 10" wide x 4" tall.

Included in the kit:

  • Spoiler Blade
  • Pivot Arm
  • Bolt-on Mounting Hardware
  • Clamp-on Mounting Hardware

MRA X-Creen Tour & Sport Windshield Extension Comparison Video

MRA X-Creen Sport Unbox & Assembly Video

MRA X-Creen Sport Bolt-On Installation Video (long)

MRA X-Creen Sport Clamp-On Installation Video

Please note: The MRA X-creen Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blades are NOT returnable once the original factory packaging has been opened.

Fit on particular original windscreens is NOT guaranteed. If you wish to have a windscreen with a preinstalled VarioTouring Extension Spoiler, please see MRA's VarioTouringScreens for Faired Bikes or MRA's VarioTouringScreen for Naked Bikes!

Twisted Throttle LLC and MRA are not responsible for any damage to an original windscreen resulting from use or installation of this product.

Customer Reviews
Review by Scott
I bought this for my Spyder and while I am using the low/sport windshield this MRA screen has definatly smoothed out the airflow and stopped my helmet from buffeting. I plan on purchasing another one to use on my touring windshield. Build quality is good and the instructions were acceptable. (Posted on 10/9/15)
Review by PSS
Installed it on a Vespa GTS 300 Super.
Easy to install,looks great and works great. (Posted on 9/24/15)
Review by Jakapup
I needed a bit more windshield height to reduce high speed buffeting on my helmet. The product reduced the wind buffeting quite a bit, and highway riding is much more comfortable now. The apparent quality and flexibility of positioning and installation are significant bonuses. Expensive, but worth it, given the alternatives. (Posted on 9/19/15)
Review by Jaydubb80
Easy to install. What a difference! ! Removed almost 99% of buffeting from my helmet. Can even adjust for city/highway driving (Posted on 9/8/15)
Review by bobmor
Easily installed on 2012 Honda CBF 600 and definitely makes positive difference. (Posted on 8/18/15)
Review by danham
After about 150 miles of testing on my BMW F800 ST at speeds from 40 to 80, I'm very happy with my new spoiler.

The clamp-on version appears to be solid -- even when the whole rig (stock screen and MRA) was flapping around a bit in truck wake on the slab, the MRA never loosened up or moved out of position. This was a big relief because the tiny allen set screws which hold the clamps on the windshield seem like they never get fully tight -- my guess is you need to be careful not to tighten them so much that they crack the screen, so the big question was: are they tight enough even though I could definitely turn them farther? The answer appears to be yes. Be sure to watch the TT installation videos -- it's not a hard job, but it's complicated.

With the caution that I never really had buffeting issues with the stock screen other than what I thought was unavoidable truck wake, I find that the MRA really changes the whole feel of the bike on the highway when other vehicles are nearby. It got the torture test when I got stuck behind two vehicles: a van carrying a big ladder on its roof, followed by an SUV, going about 70 in the left lane. This often produces maximum turbulence and obviously the MRA can't make that stop. But instead of getting a sort of "bobble-head" effect where my helmet gets tossed around a bit, any such wobbly buffeting seemed to be restricted to my shoulders and of course the screen and MRA themselves, which moved around a fair amount.

This promises to reduce highway fatigue a lot and I already notice that doing head checks for lane changes is much easier, with hardly any wind pressure on the side of my helmet with my head turned. As near as I can tell, the wind stream has moved a bit, with some pressure still on my shoulders (which I like, to keep my wrists happy), but less on my head. I never bothered to re-adjust for back roads; it is totally out of the way. But I definitely think the Sport model is the best for F800 bikes; the Tour model might get in the way and be too big.

The big test will be driving rain, but I'm not in a hurry to do that [g]. To me the big plus of the MRA is that it is very adjustable, so it stands a better chance than any replacement screen of matching your height, width, helmet, jacket and riding position, all of which influence wind flow and buffeting. (Posted on 8/16/15)
Review by Scot
I have been using the Xcreen Add-on for the last several hundred miles on my Kawasaki Versys 650 LT. It adds a level of air deflection that can do a multitude of things. You can use it to direct airflow to stop buffeting. You can also raise it to the highest setting to create a nice pocket of dead air so that you may ride with your visor open. Some things to note: The clamps are made out of metal. The weight of the unit does cause some flopping around at lower speeds. Once up to highway speeds, the wind load on the OEM screen stops most of that. It's easily transferable from bike to bike though. On sport bikes with more rigid mounted windscreens it works great. (Posted on 7/24/15)
Review by HyperPete
I use this on my VStream Touring Windshield on my M109R. It works well, but had someone replied to my request for info before the sale, I probably would have ended up getting the wider / taller model. Still, it "fixes" the VStream and makes it useable on the highway. I think it is overpriced, but it does what I needed, and I have not found any other options. (Posted on 7/17/15)
Review by Alejandro
I´m from Argentina and I boght this X-Creen a month ago, I instaled it on my V Strom 650/20014 and the results are amazing. The wind protección is excellent and the hardware have a high quality and presicion,. Especial thanks for Twisted Throttle !! (Posted on 6/19/15)
Review by Ted
Not cheap. Glad I got it. Well made. Put it on a National F-16, oversized fly screen really. Tremendous difference at interstate speed. Had to brace the F-16 that normally only fastens at bottom because of the increase in pressure it causes at top of screen at higher speed. Buy it. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 6/17/15)
Review by Wes
Easy to install and works great. Eliminated 100 percent of the buffeting I was experiencing. Wind now goes over my head and not in my face. (Posted on 6/5/15)
Review by Roscoe
I used the clamp-on kit that came with the spoiler blade. After attaching it to my Zero Gravity Sport Tour windshield I noticed less buffeting from wind blast from pick-up trucks and tractor-trailers. It also raised the direct wind flow from my chin of my helmet to just above my eyebrows. It will get the real test come Labor Day and 1800 miles of the Pacific California/Oregon coastline. (Posted on 6/2/15)
Review by Caponord02
This thing works awesome!!! It shipped very quickly and I had it mounted in about 20 minutes one ride and adjustment later and it's perfect. (Posted on 4/14/15)
Review by Ron
I just installed the clamp-on on my new F3 Spyder. The OEM Blue Ridge winshield was too low, and the wind was beating me to death. The MRA X-Creen directs the air flow up over my head and makes a big difference! Great bang for the buck! (Posted on 4/13/15)
Review by One2doo
This was the right fix for sure for spyder f3 windshield. (Posted on 4/12/15)
Review by WayneInHouston
I have a Honda CCBR500R and found that the windshield was perhaps a tad short for directing the airflow over my helmet and cutting down the wind noise, so I started looking for wind deflectors like this. I chose this one because of the adjustability and the fact that right out of the box you had 2 ways to attach it - clamp-on or drilled and screwed on. Good value for me since there were no additonal bits to buy. From the product pictures it also looked like a factory part and not some cheesy add-on.

So I installed it as a clamp-on and have it presently adjusted to minimum height above the top of my windscreen but with a more vertical angle. Right away that made a bit of a difference to the airflow so that the wind hitting my face was cut down. Not so sure about the effect on wind noise but that must be aslo reduced if the wind flow is reduced - stands to reason. I have not adjusted it again since first installing it but since it is so adjustable it could take some time to get it dialed in perfectly, because there are so many adjustment positions!

There is another option out there that I looked at - one that has a single clamp on arrangement on the centre of the windshreen. Did not like that since the stress would be all in one spot and there would be greater chance of fatigue fracturing of the windscreen at that location. This design solves that problem.

The lens itself looks like it was made for my bike and blends in perfectly with the factory look.

This is an excellent and practical upgrade - well worth the money. (Posted on 12/24/14)
Review by CanukAbroad
I bought about 3 weekend trips ago for my BMW R1100S and I raved about it so much my friends want one too! It was super easy to install and adjust . Moreover , the thing blocks out so much wind noise, I can hear my music and don't worry about damaging my ears any more.

I am still trying to find the perfect angles but I hunch it will need to be adjusted, depending on the ride (e. g., when riding twis ties, I lower it so I can look over its top; on straight highway, I make it higher and look through it and get more protection from the wind)

You will not regret the investment if it works on your bike like it does for me.

Best gadget I have bought in ages! (Posted on 11/26/14)
Review by Cooti
This windscreen spoiler attached to my stock screen with no fuss whatsoever. I wanted to redirect air away from my chest and shoulders which this does nicely. The attachments are unobtrusive and the tinted screen blends well with my stock tinted screen. Adjustments for height and direction are almost infinite. The assembly video online at Twisted Throttle made things real easy. I used the clamp on attachments. (Posted on 11/14/14)
Review by JoeVA
I have had numerous bikes and scooters in recent years. Whatever the differences, the constant issue for me with any bike is the wind turbulence. I like to ride pretty much year round so a windscreen is a necessity to make it tolerable as you slice through the frigid air. The problem I have had is that the addition of a windscreen inevitably accelerates the air going over the top of the windscreen and shoots it right at your helmet. This can be partially avoided if you just happen to get a windscreen that is just tall enough without being too tall. That's hard to do given the variability of rider height, mounting issues, seat height, and hardware available for your particular ride. The constant rumbling sound of the wind around my helmet takes away from the enjoyment of riding. I want to protect my hearing and even with earplugs the turbulence would leave my ears ringing for quite some time. I decided to give the X screen a try. I had purchased one of the MRA windscreens before and was familiar with the quality this company produces. Of course I was a bit concerned about the cost for what looks like a pretty small piece of plastic and some hardware, but what a difference it makes! The X screen allows you to direct much of the wind over your head. At the same time, having the double screen effect cuts down on the intensity of the wind that passes directly over the screen. I don't understand all of the mechanics of this, but it works fabulously. Adjustments are very easy. I have the x screen adjusted below eye level so I am still looking over it, not through it. The effect was immediately obvious even before I could tweak the adjustment. All the parts are super sturdy. This particular X Creen comes with hardware for a clamp mount or permanent mount. The permanent mount requires drilling holes. No big deal, I would drill them if I need to, but the clamp hardware works so well and is so secure, I doubt I'll need to change the mounting. This is one part that I think I will always buy no matter what bike I am riding. Very pleased with the performance and quality. As usual, Twisted Throttle service was quick. I am very pleased with this purchase. Big problem solved. (Posted on 11/11/14)
Review by DrCohen
My Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive's windshield is not quite tall enough to protect my face adequately in cold weather, and I prefer to keep my helmet faceshield open when possible. I added the X-Creen and tilted it back a few degrees so that there is a slot I can look through above the windshield and below the X-Creen. This provides good protection from cold wind and drizzle. Haven't tried it yet in serious rain, but I'm hopeful. On warm days I lower the electric windshield so I'm looking over the X-Creen. It distorts enough that I prefer not to look through it. In summer I'll try tilting it back more to promote airflow.
Installation with the clamps is secure and reasonably easy. However, changing the tilt angle requires removing and then replacing two tiny and fairly stubborn plastic bits, so it's not something one does casually (Posted on 11/8/14)
Review by Teacher
Have a new 2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT with tall screen. Still not tall enough. Got head bounce at high speeds. Put this on with temporary clamps enclosed , buffeting gone like magic. Will soon put on drilled permanent mounts. The videos made putting together and mounting, very easy. (Posted on 11/1/14)
Review by Thumperguy
It sure blocks a lot of wind for something that small. It's well made and looks good. I used the clamp on method, works very good. I like to ride with the face shield open. I couldn't before now I can. (Posted on 10/22/14)
Review by Jumpup
Great looking, easy install,works and fast delivery (Posted on 10/21/14)
Review by Gerònimo
I'm really happy with it's great ability deflecting the wind using it on my 2012 klr 650, but ... It started to crack where one of the screws support the deflector itself. Maybe it was my fault over tightening or some one tried to move it
while locked... Will never know, just be very careful installing it. Anyway I'd recomend it to anybody. (Posted on 9/22/14)
Review by bmwaddict
Easy to install and use while riding. Very functional and makes a noticeable difference on my BMW S1000RR (Posted on 9/6/14)
Review by Gidman
I bought the bolt on version for my Honda NC700x which already had the tall Honda windshield. With the addition of the MRA X-Screen Sport the buffeting was reduced by 80%. I'm happy with the product and would recommend it for sure. (Posted on 8/29/14)
Review by Anonymous
needed that little extra after my new taller shield was not tall enough. super adjustable and the clamp-on holds it snug. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Anonymous
I have a 2013 Harley Street Glide and the Batwing fairing causes my full face helmet to buffet at speeds above 45 mph. I've tried the lower wind deflectors and the modified Harley windscreens but they really only helped to about 55 mph and I didn't like the vision distortion of the curved windscreen when riding in turns and looking through it. I borrowed the X-Creen Sport from a buddy of mine and it works better than anything I've tried. I went out and ordered one of my own the next day. After several hundred miles I can't say enough about how well it works. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Anonymous
I used the clamp-on kit that came with the spoiler blade. After attaching it to my Zero Gravity Sport Tour windshield I noticed less buffeting from wind blast from pick-up trucks and tractor-trailers. It also raised the direct wind flow from my chin of my helmet to just above my eyebrows. It will get the real test come Labor Day and 1800 miles of the Pacific California/Oregon coastline. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Anonymous
Clamp-on blade allows use on my screened motorcycles. Excellent results with easily adjustable rotary hinges. Quality parts, easy installation/removal. Expensive but does the job. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Silvershark
Every once in a great while you make a purchase and are completely happy with it. This is one of those times. How something so small can make a improved difference gives this product great value. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Dutch
My X-Creen Sport Spoiler Blade arrived just in time to mount before leaving on a 3500 mile ride in Southern Colorado and over to 4 corners. After a trial and error period of adjustment, I was extremely pleased with the air flow around my helmet. I attached to a Givi Airflow screen, and can easily adjust for off road and hwy. riding. The smaller spoiler fit the F700 GS screen perfectly, with no unsightly overlap. Definitely recommend if your using your GS for a combination of touring and off-road. Can't wait to schedule my ride up to Alaska now....... (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Matthew
Installed this on my nc700x. Already had the touring screen but I needed just a little more to quiet things down. Install went smooth and the ride was even smoother! Will buy again for whatever bike I have, the adjustability is key! (Posted on 10/9/13)
Review by Vaughn
I installed one of these on my BMW C650GT Maxi Scooter and another on my wifes Can Am Spyder RS that had the factory touring windscreen. This little wing works wonders on both of the machines. My BMW had incredible helmet buffeting even with it's windscreen all the way up . . . . now the buffeting is minimal for the rider and much better for the passenger. I have not used the extensions on it to see how that changes things. The Can Am had the same problem even with a more expensive after market 'adjustable mount' that allow me to change the angle of the screen. I took that off, put this wing on, and vast improvement. In both cases, I drilled the windscreen to install it. The template that came with the unit worked great. I would buy this unit again. (Posted on 6/9/13)
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