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BMW F800S with Coocase V36 topcase and F800ST rear luggage rack

Posted on Jpm4000000pmSat, 25 Apr 2009 17:01:41 +000009 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

AVBoden of PNWriders.com, ColdShot of F800Riders.org, and Pauls.Ride of F800Riders.org provided us with photos of their Coocase V36 Wizard and S48 Astra installations on their BMW F800S and F800ST bikes.

All three riders used the original BMW F800ST rear carrier to hold the Coocase plate; this toprack is an optional accessory for the F800S.

A similar installation could be achieved using the GPT.07.306.100/B or Givi FZ687 and Coocase-to-Givi Adapter Kit 1 if you prefer those top racks instead.



No CANBUS adapter is required for this installation.

The running and brake light is not CANBUS on this bike (it has three separate wires for run, brake, and ground functions). Simply tap each of the run, brake, and ground leads, then run the hot "always on" Coocase lead direct to the battery.

F800 Wiring colors:
Brake - (white or light gray) wire with black stripe (additional yellow banding is on some bikes)
Run - (white or light gray) wire with red stripe (additional yellow banding is on some bikes)
Blue - turn signals (do not use for Coocase)
Ground - brown

The run/brake/ground wires are in a bundle heading toward the rear directly under the middle of the seat. You may need to peel away a bit of the factory electrical tape.

While the plastic plate provided by Coocase will sit on top of BMW's flat rear luggage rack just fine, some installers found the Coocase's included "universal" mounting hardware is less than ideal.

Pauls.Ride chose to make his own brackets for a super-clean installation of the top plate:

Instead of cutting his own brackets for installation, ColdShot chose to use some off the shelf Home Depot sheet metal pieces:
"The adapter plate will attach to the ST luggage rack with longer bolts, but included hardware is not very attractive, so I just picked up a couple simpson strong tie flat stock pieces from Home Depot for $1.50 a piece which worked well."

AVBoden just chose to use the original Coocase hardware as shown and keep it simple, using longer M6 bolts that he purchased at the hardware store:

AVBoden attached the Coocase plate using only two bolts down center line of plate. We do not recommend this bolt position, as the attachment points are not spaced far enough apart to stabilize the case side-to-side.

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