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Cold Weather Motorcycle Products and Gear

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I don’t know about you, but cold weather can really put a damper on my desire to ride. Fortunately, there are several products that can extend the riding season, including heated grips, electrically heated jacket liners and gloves, handguards, windscreens, and battery chargers. Take a look at our video guide for a quick overview of each product and then click on the links below for more information.

Oxford Heated Grips

Keep your hands warm with Oxford heated grips. Oxford Heaterz come in “Touring”, “Sport” and “Cruiser” styles to fit ⅞” or 1” handlebars. The Touring and Sport grips differ only in the grip pattern with both models featuring a waterproof electronic controller with 4 power settings (100%, 75%, 40%, 30%) and a maximum temperature output of 122º F (50º C). The Cruiser grips fit onto 1” handlebars and feature a chrome, dial-type controller. Oxford heated grips are the most complete, easy to install heated grip kit on the market!

Oxford HotHands Heated Overgrips

For a less permanent solution, consider a set of Oxford “HotHands Heated Overgrips”. Hothands wrap around your existing grips and are secured using a hook and loop strip to add heat when needed.

Hothands Overgrips

Gerbing Jacket Liner and Gloves

Gerbing electrically-heated jacket liners and gloves are the top choice when it comes to enjoying ultimate comfort when the temperatures dip. The jacket liner features micro-sized heating wires that surround your torso and hands to provide soothing warmth. Thinsulate® insulation, a wind-resistant nylon shell and a silky-soft micro denier collar further enhance comfort. The form-fitting pattern provides a snug fit for maximum heat transfer and an easy fit under outer garments. A battery harness is included, but optional temperature controllers are available that allow you to dial in the exact amount of warmth required.

Gerbing Electrically-heated Clothing

Barkbusters Storm handguards

A simple solution to prevent cold hands is to mount a set of Barkbusters Storm handguards. The Storm handguards feature a large profile deflector that offers maximum wind and rain protection. Storm handguards mount to your handlebars using either a single-point or full-wraparound style aluminum backbone. Check the website to see which handguards fit your bike.

Barkbusters Storm, Wrap around mount

Barkbusters Storm, Single-point mount

All Barkbusters

MRA Spoilers and Windscreens

To protect your upper torso from wind we recommend MRA Vario or X-creen spoilers that attach to your existing windscreen. Both offer a high degree of wind protection that can be customized to your personal needs without the need for tools. MRA also makes full replacement windshields for many motorcycle models.

MRA Spoilers and Windscreens

Oxford Battery Chargers

When the weather gets too cold and the bike needs to be put into hibernation for a while, then you’ll need an Oxford Maximizer or Oximizer battery charger. The Maximizer is a premium quality battery charger that features multiple charging rates to maintain battery longevity, as well as the ability to analyze battery condition and check polarity. The Oximizer is an inexpensive quick-charge trickle charger that is great for keeping your battery healthy over the cold months.

These products are just the thing to help you extend your riding season and ensure that your motorcycle is ready to go once the chill subsides.

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