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Coocase install on a Honda Reflex 250S

Posted on Jpm8000000pmWed, 03 Aug 2011 20:37:59 +000011 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Honda Reflex 250S rider John S couldn't find a way to mount his Coocase so he figured it and put together this concise tutorial for the rest of us.

Parts List

  • Bracket Kit Givi SR18
  • Adapter plate CC.HB-01
  • 2 - one inch U-bolts
  • 4 - lock washers
  • 2 - 8X50 screws
  • 2 - ¾ X 8 nylon spacers
  • 2- 7/16 X 3 inch rubber tube


Remove back rest from chrome rail


Place rubber tube on each U-bolt, attach to chrome rail about one inch from center support.

Drill a ¼ inch hole one inch up and ¼ inch in. Place rubber gum on U- bolt, support, U-bolt plate,

#6 washer (from Givi SR18 kit) lock washers and nuts, DO NOT TIGHTEN.



Taper nylon spacers a little on both top and bottom slightly, insert 8X 50 screw hole of support through rubber gum,

nylon spacer and in the hole closet to the seat, use #8 bolt (from Givi SR18 kit), DO NOT TIGHTEN.

With Coocase adapter plate CC.HB-01 set support bracket to match holes A on front plate and hole B on back plate.

Add a thread locking agent and tighten the support bracket. Remove any extra U-bolt above the nut. Install adapter plate and tighten.

Install Coocase plate and Coocase


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