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Coocase Lid color matches for your motorcycle / scooter - (Silver)

Posted on Jpm7000000pmMon, 26 Jul 2010 17:49:01 +000010 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have a list of motorcycles & scooters for which our Gloss silver Coocase's are a close match.


Manufacturer's Color Name

(click on link for specific motorcycles that use this color)

Coocase color match accuracy
Match *
Match *
Close Match**
Can-AM Spyder
Full Moon Silver
Match *
Match *
Piaggio Vespa
Match *
Match *

*None of the guys in our office could tell the difference.

**Most guys in our office thought this was a good visual match.

Match accuracy rating is based on most lighting conditions, average powers of observation and condition and age of product. Given enough scrutiny some people will find slight differences. It is next to impossible to exactly match any paint process on different products based on texture, paint thickness, finishes, lighting, powers of observation, atmospheric conditions, lunar gravity, and proximity to a Chupacabra.

Coocase topcase, shown in gloss silver

Coocase V28 Fusion topcase, shown with gloss silver lid

Coocase S48 Astra topcase, Luxury edition with inner liner, alarm, integrated LED brake and running lights, and remote control. Shown in Gloss Silver on Can-Am Spyder Roadster. Photo courtesy of Hamid Wright.

Motorcycle / Scooter applications:

White Aluminum
Type Manuf/Year Model Comment
Motorcycle BMW
F 650 GS  

Coocase V36 in Gloss Silver on BMW R1200GSA

2008K1200 S MotorcycleBMW
2007R1200GS (All Models)Adventure ModelMotorcycleBMW
2007K1200R MotorcycleBMW
2007K1200S MotorcycleBMW
2007R1200S  MotorcycleBMW
2006F650GS (All Models)Used on Dakar Model

Coocase S48 in Gloss Silver on a two toned BMW K1200R

2006K1200S MotorcycleBMW
2006R1200GS (All Models)Used on Adventure ModelMotorcycleBMW
2006R1200S MotorcycleBMW
2006K1200R  MotorcycleBMW
2005K 1200 SUsed on Yellow/Silver/Graphite Model

Coocase S48 in Gloss Silver on Kawasaki Ninja ZX14

2005R 1150 GS MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1150 GS Adventure MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1200 C Phoenix MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1150 R Rockster  MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1200 C Classic       

Titan Silver

   TypeManuf/YearModelComment MotorcycleBMW
2010R 1200 RTUsed on Gray/Silver/Granite Gray Model

Coocase V36 in Gloss Silver on a Piaggio BV250

2009R1200 RT MotorcycleBMW
2009R1200 GS MotorcycleBMW
2008R1200 RT MotorcycleBMW
2008R1200 GS (All Models)Silver on Standard Model MotorcycleBMW
2008K1200 SBlue/Silver/Black Model

Coocase V36 in Gloss Silver on Vespa BV500

2007K1200S MotorcycleBMW
2007R1200SUsed on Silver/Red Two ToneMotorcycleBMW
2007R1200RT MotorcycleBMW
2006R1200SUsed on Red/Silver Two-Tone MotorcycleBMW
2005K 1200 GT 

Coocase V36 in Gloss Silver on Vespa GTS 250ie

2005F 650 CS MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1150 R MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1200 C ClassicUsed with Piedmont Red/Titan Silver Two-ToneMotorcycleBMW
2004F 650 GSUsed With Titan Silver/Yellow Two-Tone MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1200 C PhoenixUsed with Piedmont Red/Titan Silver Two-Tone

Coocase S48 Astra topcase, Luxury edition with inner liner, alarm, integrated LED brake and running lights, and remote control. Shown in Gloss Silver on Can-Am Spyder Roadster. Photo courtesy of Hamid Wright.

2004K 1200 LT MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1150 GS MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1100 S MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1150 RS MotorcycleBMW
2004R 1150 RT MotorcycleBMW
2003R 1150 R MotorcycleBMW
2003F 650 GS  MotorcycleBMW
2003R 1100 S  MotorcycleBMW
2003R 1150 RS  MotorcycleBMW
2003R 1150 R  MotorcycleBMW
2003F 650 CS  MotorcycleBMW
2003R 1150 RT  MotorcycleBMW
2003K 1200 LT  MotorcycleBMW
2002R 1150 GS  MotorcycleBMW
2002F 650 GS  MotorcycleBMW
2002K 1200 LT  MotorcycleBMW
2000R 1150 GS  MotorcycleBMW
2000R 1100 SUsed with Mandarin/Titan Silver Two-Tone MotorcycleBMW
2000R 1100 RS       

Light Gray Metallic

   TypeManuf/YearModelComment MotorcycleBMW
2010K 1300 SSuitable Close Match, but not near exact MotorcycleBMW
2009K1300 SSuitable Close Match, but not near exact      

Digital Silver Metallic



2010Fury  MotorcycleHonda
2010VFR1200FSilver on Upper Cowl, Side Cowls, and Tail MotorcycleHonda
2009VT750C Shadow AeroUsed on Blue/Silver Two-Tone Model MotorcycleHonda
2008250 Rebel  MotorcycleHonda
2008VT750 Spirit  MotorcycleHonda
2008VT750 Aero  MotorcycleHonda
2008CBR600RR  MotorcycleHonda
2008CBR1000RRBlack/Silver Two-Tone, Dark Red/Silver Two-Tone MotorcycleHonda
2007CBR1000RRLight Silver Model MotorcycleHonda
2007ST1300  MotorcycleHonda
2006VLX 600 ShadowDeluxe Model MotorcycleHonda
2006CBR600RR  MotorcycleHonda
2005VFR800 Interceptor (Standard & ABS)  MotorcycleHonda

Metallic Titanium

   TypeManuf/YearModelComment MotorcycleKawasaki
2010ZX14Used on Titanium/Black Model and Blue/Black Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2010Vulcan 1700 Nomad  MotorcycleKawasaki
2010Vulcan 1700 Classic LT  MotorcycleKawasaki
2010Vulcan 900 Classic LTUsed on Green/Titanium Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2009Vulcan VoyagerUsed on Titanium/Black Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2009Vulcan 2000  MotorcycleKawasaki
2009Vulcan 900 Classic LTUsed on Red/Titanium Model and Titanium/White Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2008Vulcan 900 Classic (All Models)White/Titanium LT Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2007Ninja 500R  MotorcycleKawasaki
2007Vulcan 2000LTWhite/Titanium Two-Tone MotorcycleKawasaki
2007Vulcan 1600 NomadUsed on Black/Titanium and Red/Titanium Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2007Vulcan 1500 ClassicTitanium/Blue Model MotorcycleKawasaki
2007Vulcan 900 Classic  MotorcycleKawasaki
2007Vulcan 900 Classic LTUsed on Red/Titanium Two-Tone MotorcycleKawasaki
2006ZX-6R (636)Limited Edition Color      

Metallic Mysty Silver

   TypeManuf/YearModelComment MotorcycleSuzuki
2009B-KingUsed on Gray/Silver Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2009HayabusaUsed on White/Silver Model and Gray/Silver Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2009GSX-R750Used on White/Silver Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2009S40Used on White/Silver Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2009C50Used on Gray/Silver Special Edition Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2009M109R  MotorcycleSuzuki
2008DL1000 V-StromSilver/Black Two-Tone MotorcycleSuzuki
2008B-KingGray/Silver Two-Tone MotorcycleSuzuki
2008S40  MotorcycleSuzuki
2008M50Black/Silver Two-Tone MotorcycleSuzuki
2008C50 (All Models)Used on Blue/Silver Two-Tone Standard Model and Tribal Silver Limited Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2008S50Body & Frame Color MotorcycleSuzuki
2008C90 (All Models)Blue/Silver Two-Tone Standard Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2008GSXR 1000Silver/White Model, Also Used on Upper Fairing on Blue/White Model MotorcycleSuzuki
20081250 Bandit (All Models)Frame on Gray Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2008GSX650Used on Black/Silver Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2008GSXR 600Used on White/Silver Model and Silver/Yellow Model MotorcycleSuzuki
2007GSXR1000Used on Yellow/Silver Model      

Piaggio / Vespa

Excalibur Gray

   TypeManuf/YearModelComment ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2009Vespa GT200  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Vespa GTS  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Vespa Granturismo  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Piaggio Fly 150  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Piaggio Fly 50  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Piaggio BV500  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Piaggio BV250  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Piaggio X9  ScooterVespa/Piaggio
2008Piaggio MP3 250       

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